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Should You Join a Gym?….Pros and Cons

Physical fitness and body building have become popular around the world, which explains why gyms and exercise-related equipment grew to be a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Individuals who frequent gyms have been referred to as gym rats. You may be wondering if a commercial health hub is the way to go. There are a number of advantages and consequences to these option.

The Advantages

1. Equipment

Commercial gyms have the advantage of having a wide array of exercise equipment. You will find different kinds of dumbbells, barbells, cardiovascular machines, weight lifting machines, contraptions and other paraphernalia in various brands and makes.

You get to choose the right tool that will best suit your physical needs to particularly target your weak areas. Some of the equipment available in gyms may come from rare and distant sources abroad and cost thousands of dollars.

2. Staff

A gym can be more convenient with helpful people and professionals around. A number of good gyms have individuals who can assist you in different aspects such as dieticians, certified health or gym instructors, yoga instructors, physical therapists, professional bodybuilders and aerobics teachers.

They can effectively teach you how to do exercises properly as well as make the most out of your diet and exercise routine. Beginners can find this very valuable in learning movements correctly.

3. Atmosphere

Commercial gyms provide you with the right kind of stimulation that will help you stick to your workout regimen. Working out on your own at home can become boring quickly.

Going to a gym and seeing others sweat it out can spark newfound interest and goals every time. A number of clubs offer other amenities to keep workouts enjoyable and fun such as music, exercise, yoga or aerobics classes, TV sets, swimming pools and game courts.

4. Cost

In the long run, people may find getting club memberships more affordable compared to buying your own equipment.

Although the monthly rates, trainer fees and additional expenses tend to be high at first, you will find that there are health clubs that offer cheaper prices, package deals and discounts depending on the time you work out, the season and availability of instructors.

Take advantage by working out during low-peak hours and using special promos.

5. Accessibility

There are 24-hour health clubs where you can work out any time of the day, depending on your schedule. You do not have to skip or miss your routine because of work and other personal reasons. Some gyms even offer post-workout relaxation methods like massage, spa and breakfast.

The Disadvantages

1. High initial cost

In the beginning, gyms may require you to pay exorbitant amounts of cash for membership, initial monthly fees, instructor fees, exercise paraphernalia, locker room fee and even parking lot reservations.

Some individuals find the starting rates too high. You may wonder if the primary investment is worth everything, considering that you might change location or gym in the next few months or weeks.

2. Travel requirements

You do not have the convenience of immediately hitting the shower then going to bed or eat after body building since you have to commute, walk or drive to the gym. Some individuals tend to skip work outs because they find it tiring to travel to the location.

3. Crowded

If you exercise during peak hours, you may have to wait to use some of the equipment. Some machines and equipment are more frequently used by people, so you may find yourself lining up for several minutes to stick to your routine.

Locker rooms and showers can be very crowded at these times, consuming more of your time. There is also the risk of developing illness like a bacterial or viral infection or athletes foot due to a higher risk of exposure.

4. Time constraints

Some instructors and exercise classes are only available during certain times of the day. You may find it a problem to have to wait for your trainer or classes to start.

There are people who can only hit the gym for 1 hour maximum. Your workout can become compromised because of the extra time consumed to travel to the location, as well as wait for the necessary people to begin.

Updated: February 24, 2014 — 10:19 am

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