Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Secrets For Speedy Fat Loss!

Do You Want Lose Your Weight? You Might try many exercise And Followed Strict Diet if you want to lose your weight by simple and natural ways then watch this full video hello friends today i’m going to share you a weight loss smoothie for this the ingredients we need are 1 cup of papaya pieces one couple Coomer pieces apple ginger and ice cubes before going to the preparation let us know the nutritional values of the ingredients papaya papaya is rich in vitamin K ,C and A it regulates blood flow papaya is beneficial to liver it is a good antioxidant and helps in weight loss.

Cucumber cucumber is rich in water content it keeps you hydrated cucumber contains fiber which helps in reducing fat in the body apple apple is rich in be complex and all the means present in apple are the key in maintaining white blood cells and helps in regulating nervous system ginger ginger is great Fred cutter ice cubes ice cubes give refreshing and cooling effect and enhances the taste of the drink now let us start the preparation.

Take papaya pieces add cover pieces Apple pieces ginger finally add ice cubes let us start blending now smoothie is ready take this movie into serving glass this movie is so refreshing and highly nutritious this drink help us to reduce weight in very short time kiwi green apple juice have juice regularly to cure diabetes thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos.

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