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Sassy Water Flat Belly Diet Really Works!

hi it’s Alaska Granny have you ever heard of sassy water diet as part of the flat belly diet flat belly nutrition editor editor Cynthia Sass of Prevention Magazine invented the Sassy Water Diet as a way to help dieters kick off nutritional eating the Sassy Water Diet was designed as a way to help eliminate toxins from the body.

it developed to help maintain the correct water balance in your body and help to avoid things like constipation and bloating it’s a good kick start to a diet or just a way help you stay hydrated if dieting is not something that you’re interested in Sassy Water is a delicious way to make sure that you eliminate toxins from your body while getting the hydration that you need and it’s very simple you only need a few simple ingredients.

you need a cucumber that is peeled and sliced you need a lemon that has been sliced you need about a teaspoon of freshly grated or diced ginger and about 12 mint leaves make sure that you remove the stem from the mint leaves the first thing you want to do is begin with 8 cups of filtered water peel and slice your cucumber remove the peel and then cut it up into nice thin slices and add it to your Sassy Water you want to do the same thing with your lemon.

you want to thinly slice your lemon and float the slices right in your Sassy Water dice up or grate your ginger and toss that in as well now that you have prepared the ingredients you are going to put them into your eight cups of filtered water I have my peeled and sliced cucumber I have my thinly sliced lemon make sure to remove the seeds 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger and 12 mint leaves make sure you crush the mint leaves to release the oil.

place all of that into your into your water and put this in the refrigerator and let it blend overnight each evening you will prepare this and the next day this is the Sassy Water that you will drink throughout the day and make sure you drink the whole thing each day try making Sassy Water as a kick start to your Flat Belly Diet or just to get your hydration going better learn more at alaska granny.

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