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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Running For Weight Loss, Calories Burned Running

Running for weight loss is one of the most effective ways to create permanent fat loss, and the calories burned running can really add up over time.

If you weight 175 pounds and you can run for an hour, you will burn about 700 calories. This example shows that this physical activity is one of theultimate ways to create permanent fat loss.

But, running for weight loss should be viewed as an advanced strategy. When you are just starting out, it would be to your advantage to start out with walking.

The calories burned running, while they are really impressive, they do not come easy. I have tried using running for a few months, but it was not my cup of tea.

When it comes to running for weight loss, you can run outside, ot you can run inside using a treadmill. Obviously, when you are running inside you do not have to worry about the weather or the safety factor.

Depending where you live, these two elements can play a major role in which physical activity you choose to burn body fat.

Some people might not be able run because of their current health condition. For example, running is not advised if you have orthopedic injuries to the lower body.

If you love running, and your health condition allows you to use this excellent fat-burning activity, then you should definitely consider running for weight loss.

On the other hand, if you are attracted by the calories burned running, you should know that you can use other cardiovascular exercises to burn just as many calories.

Running is very demanding, and plus it is an activity that burns a substantial amount of lean muscle mass while you are doing it. And losing muscle is the last thing you want, when your major health goal is permanent fat loss.

Muscle is your secret weapon in the war against body fat, and the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn during the day, even while at rest. Maintaining your ideal body weight is much easier when you have more muscle.

This is one of the major disadvantages that you have to take into account when considering using this physical activity to lose unwanted body fat.

Because in the end, what is important is the total calories burned, and not what physical activity that you use to accomplish this.

In my fat burning facts article I explain the most important distinction that you can make when it comes to burning unwanted body fat.

In my opinion, when it comes to creating permanent fat loss, you should choose a physical activity that you can do every day.

Because, from my experience, people that hate running, will have a very difficult time using this physical activity for an extended period of time.

If this is you, I would recommend using brisk walking, or anothercardiovascular exercise that is not as demanding. It is to your advantage to walk on a daily basis, then to try to force yourself to do something that you will not become a part of your lifestyle.

But, if you like running, and the calories burned running really motivate you, then go ahead and use this fat-burning activity. If you can’t keep doing it for some reason you can always choose something else.

Updated: November 20, 2013 — 6:13 pm

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