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Protein Sources Vegetarians Need Daily

While many people who are vegetarians eat a large amount of protein in their diets, often enough, they are not able to absorb as much protein as those who are not on a vegetarian diet. The reason vegetarians are not able to digest as much protein as their meat-eating counterparts are due to the plant proteins are not as digestible as meat proteins. The meat proteins contain amino acids which are close or identical to the amino acid chains found in humans.

Those who eat meat will have a 1:1 absorption ratio of protein and amino acids. Vegetarians will only have half the absorption rate of the amino acids that are needed for a complete protein balanced diet.

Vegetarians will need to eat a wide variety of plant protein to form the complete amino chains for them to be able to absorb the right amount of protein needed daily. In order for vegetarians to increase their daily amounts of protein needed for a correct amount of amino acid chains, they should make sure they are eating plenty of vegetables, whole grains, fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds.

Since vegetable proteins are hard to digest, vegetarians have to eat foods that contain proteins. For example, a nutritional label may say pasta has five grams of protein per serving, but only about two or three grams are digestible. So, a vegetarian will need to add other types of protein to compliment their meal.

Vegetarians should seek out other foods that are fortified with protein even the artificially added foods will work for an addition to natural sources of protein. There are many supermarkets now catering to vegetarians with protein fortified breads and pastas which contain as much as 12 grams of protein per serving.

For vegetarians, soy milk is a great source of protein. There have been studies conducted on isolated soy protein which shows it can be absorbed almost as well as animal proteins. Soy milk can almost yield a 1:1 absorption ratio of protein.

Those are not vegetarians can consume eggs, yogurt, and milk for sources of proteins because these food sources contain complete proteins.

There are many options for vegetarians to boost their protein intakes and should consider all their choices. By diversifying your selections of food, eating breads and pastas fortified with protein, and drinking more soy products, you will be able to have the correct balance of proteins in your diet.

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