Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Protein Rich Foods for Weight Loss

Protein rich foods include poultry, meat, dairy products and a few complex carbohydrates.

When using these foods for long term weight loss it is a good idea to eat them in moderation.

This means that about 30% of your daily calories should come from protein.


Since most of these foods contain not only protein, but also carbohydrates and dietary fat, it makes a lot of sense to know the exact amount of grams of each nutrient in each food before you create your meals using these foods.

If you have an endomorph dominant body type, the nutrient ratios that you use for creating your meals will be a very important element of your program.

This is why knowing the other nutrients that are in the protein rich foods that you will be consuming can make the biggest difference in the end results that you will produce!

The 50-30-20 nutrient ratio is the best place to begin if you have an endomorph dominant body type.

This means that 50% of your calories should come from carbohydrates, 30% from protein and 20% from dietary fat.

Consuming meals with these percentages will help you to produce a small calorie deficit on a daily basis, which eventually can help you to reach yourideal weight.

To produce this calorie deficit you simply consume the amount of calories that your body burns during the day.

Calculate your daily calorie intake using this formula will give you the most accurate numbers.

Once you have your optimum daily calorie intake you simply make all your meals taking these numbers into account.

The details on all these steps are found in my site. By using these strategies and techniques on a daily basis you can create a lean, healthy body, and then maintain it for life!

Updated: February 20, 2013 — 11:33 pm

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