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Pros and Cons of Liquid Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Liquid diet plan is widely preferred by majority of people who look forward to lose weight quickly. As indicated by the name, this diet plan allows the intake of liquids for a few days. According to a medical report, toxic substances accumulated and settled in the body account for around 10 percent to 20 percent of the weight, varying with each individual.

lemonade diet

The major concept of liquid diet plan deals with reducing the weight by detoxifying the body and reducing the fats. Intake of more amounts of liquid flush out the toxins and wastes settled in the body.

Since the body needs to burn 3000 calories to shed a pound, which cannot be achieved in a single day, many people prefer liquid diet plan, where the maximum intake of calorie arrives something from 600 – 800 calorie. The lower level of calorie with no alternative or substitution foods for strength results with losing weight. Lack of calories induces the body to eat the excessive fat or digested fat in the body.

Liquid diet plan generally involves taking two types of liquids which includes natural liquids, a low carb and low fat diet and commercial liquids, a high protein and low carb diet. Natural liquids include taking fresh fruit juices, juicy vegetables, vegetable juices, lemonades, etc. Commercial liquids include the protein shakes made from protein mix, special weight loss drinks, etc. The major meals of the day are generally replaced with protein shakes or fresh fruit juices.

Skimmed milk, hot tea, lemon or green tea, fresh fruit juices, protein shakes, vegetable juices, honey, etc. can be included in the diet plan. Numerous types of liquid diet plans are available to follow, among which lemonade diet plan is more prominent. It requires the dieters to take only the lemonade and salt water flush. A liquid diet plan has its own advantages and it has several limitations.

The major drawback of liquid diet plan is that it lacks in supplying the required amount of nutrition to the body, which results with loss of energy, weaker muscles, extreme tiredness, etc. Moreover, no individual can stick on to any liquid diet without eating any solid foods for more than three days.

One of the major problems with the liquid diet is that this type of diet only allows your body to intake 800 to 1000 calories per day. Doing this to your body will trigger a starvation response. This results in your body to conserve energy and regain weight at any opportunity. This will physically damage your body’s metabolism in the long run.

Being on a very low calorie liquid diet can be harmful to your body and to your metabolism as well. You might be able to lose weight dramatically while on the liquid diet, but once your body goes into starvation mode then your body will start to store fat faster than you lost it. This is why the liquid diet is not a good idea to be healthy or to lose weight.

Is there an alternative diet to replace the liquid diet? There are many types of diets that are far more rewarding and are healthier for your body. The Diet Solution Program is a great alternative because it helps guide people to eat real, whole foods as much as possible. To read a review about this type of diet visit Diet Solution Program Review.

The Diet Solution Program also helps pick out the type of foods you should eat by determining your body’s metabolism type. The recipes inside The Diet Solution Program consist of healthy tasty foods that anyone will enjoy. The liquid diet is yesterday’s news and has become obsolete in weight loss, it’s a better choice to pick an alternative diet plan that delivers better long term results.

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