Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


If You Are Extremely Overweight, Here Is Exactly What You Should Do To Create Permanent Fat Loss!

If you are extremely overweight, then this article will help you to design the ultimate fat-burning strategy for reaching and then maintaining your ideal weight for life!

In the causes of obesity article I cover the five major reasons why people with endomorph dominant body types become extremely overweight.

And in the weight loss secrets article, I explain everything about body types, and the physiological characteristics that human beings are born with.

In those articles I also explained that in my early twenties I became obese myself, and through many trials and errors eventually developed my ownweight loss system called The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss.

Many people have used the motivation, nutrition, and exercise strategies to permanently lose all the unwanted body fat that they had, and after losing it, they were able to maintain it in the long run & although slimming tablets may work for some, this system worked for me.

I am convinced that by using my weight loss strategies you can do exactly the same thing!

In this article I will give a list of the steps that you can take to permanently burn off all the unwanted body fat that you currently have and reach your ideal body fat percentage in the fastest time that is possible!

This list will include the most effective techniques for creating a lean, healthy body and then maintaining it for life.

It is very important for you to understand that the focus in my weight loss program is not on the actual process, but instead on bringing into reality something that is truly important to you!

The process, or the actual steps are important, but they are not what will create the non-stop motivation and the momentum that is necessary for you to get through the toughest part of your weight loss program!

You see, I am not really here to motivate you, or to get you all hyped up and ready to take action through some kind of positive thinking strategy.My main objective is to help you to create a result that you truly desire!

If the result that you really want is to create a lean, healthy body with a low body fat percentage, then these steps will produce amazing results!

But, if this is not the result that you want, and for some reason this is not that important, then it will be almost impossible for me to help you to lose weight in the long run!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #1

The first step that you should take to create your ideal body weight is to create your own personal goal setting chart!

This is very important because before you actually start moving toward your major health goal, it only makes sense to know exactly where you will be going.

It is also very important to know exactly where you are currently. For example if you are going to New York, I am sure you will agree it is important to know that you are currently in Miami, Florida!

Also having a list of steps that you must take to get from where you are to where you want to be in the near future will help you to get there in the fastest time possible.

Effective goal setting can help you to choose what result you want to create, to observe where you are currently in relation to that result, and to produce an effective action plan that will help you to bring this result into reality!

Without planning your weight loss journey in this fashion, it will be very difficult for you to permanently lose unwanted body fat and then to keep it off for life!

In this article about goal setting you will discover some ideas on how to do this properly!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #2

Your next step should be to read the sections on body types, metabolism and ideal weight on my site. Once you are done with these sections then create your own weekly weight loss chart that can be found in this weight loss tracker article. This chart will help you to track your weekly weight loss results.

The information on how to interpret and adjust your approach during yourweight loss program can be found in this ideal weight chart article. This will help you to easily make any necessary adjustments while you are moving toward creating permanent fat loss.

These steps have to do with tracking your current reality, which is a major element of effective goal setting. By using these tools on a regular basisyou will know the exact results that you are producing from yourweight loss efforts.

Without these tools that help to keep you on track, you might be going in the wrong direction and not even know about it, until it is too late!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #3

The next step in your weight loss journey should be to calculate your optimum daily calorie intake! This can be accomplished by reading thiscalorie intake article, and using the TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) formula that you will discover on that page. TDEE is where your daily calorie intake equals your daily calorie expenditure.

Calories are the most important part of creating a lean, healthy body and reaching your ideal body fat percentage. If you consume more calories than your body burns during the day, the surplus will always be driven into your fat cells, and you will gain weight!

If you want to create the body of your dreams you must be totally focused and know exactly how many calories you are consuming with your food and drinks on a daily basis.

There is nothing else that will make such a difference as the actual daily calorie intake that you consume, at least when it comes to reaching and then maintaining your ideal body weight in the long run!

As far as burning off calories, and helping your body to use the unwanted body fat that you currently have as an energy source — there is nothing that can compete with cardio training, but we will get to this a little later.

You first step should always be to learn to maintain your current weight, and when you get a hang of this, then you can move on and start working on burning off the unwanted body fat!

Since a daily calorie surplus is the only thing that can make you become extremely overweight, make sure you that you learn how to count your calories, and always focus on staying within this calorie limit.

During your weight loss journey you can eat, high calorie, delicious foods, but only in moderation, and only at the right time, when your body canrealistically burn off these “excess” calories before the end of the day!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #4

Your next step is to learn everything about nutrient ratios by reading thishealthy diet plan article. The ultimate nutrient ratio for you to start with is 50-30-20! This means that 50% of your calories should come from natural, unprocessed complex carbohydrates, 30% of your calories from lean protein, and 20% of your calories from good dietary fat.

After your daily calorie intake this is the most important element that you must take into account if you want to stop being overweight & reach and then maintain your ideal weight for life.

The reason for this is simple: Your body needs an optimum amount of all three nutrients to function properly on a daily basis, and when you provide your organism with these nutrients it will burn body off the unwanted body fat that you currently have as efficiently as possible.

The quality of you food that you consume is also very important and this is why you should read the articles on carbohydrates, protein and dietary fats that are in the Nutrition Section of my site — as soon as possible!

The most important thing to remember with food quality is to consume mostly natural complex carbohydrates, lean protein and good dietary fat in every meal that you eat during the day.

This is the best way to provide your body with everything it needs on a regular basis, and to make sure you have high energy levels that arenecessary for the fat burning cardio sessions that must be a part of your fat loss program!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #5

The fifth step is another nutrition technique that can help to get you lean, and help you to avoid gaining unwanted body fat.

This is the meal frequency and meal timing approach! In this fitness nutritionarticle you will find everything that you should know about this awesome fat burning strategy.

This approach produces amazing fat burning results when used together with your optimum daily calorie intake and the right nutrient ratio for your body type.

The best approach for endomorphs is to eat four average meals, every four hours, and to consume your breakfast as soon as possible after waking up.

Portion control is the best way to make sure that your body does not store unwanted body fat. When you eat a large portion, the calories that your body can’t burn off will always get stored in your fat cells as unwanted body fat.

Taking into account how your body stores the nutrients from your foods, it is very obvious that once your body has received all the energy (calories) it needs, it will

The rest will simply be converted to body fat, and you will gain weight in the form of unwanted body fat! So if your major goal is to be lean, you have to eat the amount of food that your body can realistically burn off completely.

And this where meal frequency/timing can produce some impressive long term weight loss results! By eating the perfect sized meal, you will help your body to receive just enough food to get what it needs to function properly,but not enough for a calorie surplus to be created!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #6

The best way to go from being extremely overweight to becoming extremely lean, is by using cardio training workout routines on a regular basis! Doing them every day is the best!

Cardio has always been, is currently, and will always be the ultimate secret to burning off all of the unwanted body fat that being overweight you currently have!

Knowing what I know today, this is exactly what I would do to reach my ideal weight and then maintain it for life:

First step: Start out doing 3 cardio session per week, each session for 15 minutes. Would use walking as my first option, because it is so easy to do and is very effective at burning body fat, especially in the beginning!

Second step: Would work my way up little by little to doing double cardio every day, and would stay with this approach until I lost all the unwanted body fat that I wanted to lose.

Third step: Once I reached my ideal body fat percentage, would adjust my cardio training to maintain this weight by doing three to four cardio sessions per week. Each session would be 45-60 minutes.

This is a moderate approach for me personally, because I have a massive desire to reach my results as soon as possible. You can adjust your approach to match your personality, of course.

But the fact remains, if you want a lean, healthy body that you can truly be proud of, and want to feel just simply “amazing,” start doing cardio on a regular basis!

From Overweight To Lean: Step #7

The last step from being extremely overweight to becoming extremely lean is to use weight training weight loss workouts on a regular basis. By the way, this is both, for men and women, and the only difference is the actual weight that you use and the intensity that you work out with!

Weight training does not mean you have to become a professional bodybuilder, unless you want to, of course. In the beginning of your weight loss program the goal is to simply maintain your current muscle mass.

Since muscle is a metabolically active tissue and your body must expand a lot of energy to maintain it, by maintaining your muscle you keep your metabolism elevated, and help your body to keep burning as many calories as possible, through the whole “weight loss phase” of your program.

This is very important, because many people that use proper nutrition, and do plenty of cardio training without weight training, eventually lose muscle and because of this their metabolism starts to slow down.

And as a consequence, what was once your optimum daily calorie intake becomes a daily calorie surplus, and eventually this will lead to weight gain.

The reason that this can cause you to become overweight again is simple: you will not be able to keep dropping your daily calorie for long, at some time the increased appetite and hunger will make you throw in the towel and you will start consuming more calories than your organism can burn.

And as I explained in the beginning, any calorie surplus will be converted to body fat, and can lead to you becoming overweight once again!

This is why it is important to use weight training to maintain your current muscle mass during the whole weight loss phase of your program.

Once you reach your ideal weight, the ultimate strategy is to start building new muscle little by little, and start increasing your body’s calorie burning ability.

This will help you to maintain your ideal body weight for life, will make you feel incredible and will help you to reach your major long term goal which is hopefully, — to create the body of your dreams, — in the fastest time possible!

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