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How To Objectively Observe Your Current Circumstances

In the last part of the 1st Chapter we covered the steps that you can take to develop a vision of your future self! You also found out that this will be the object that you will be aiming at and moving toward during your entireweight loss journey!

But, once you know exactly where you are going, you have to become FULLY AWARE of your starting point!

When moving toward your major health goal, you have to observe what is working and what is not working in your weight loss program. And you have to do this on a regular basis.

If you don’t, most likely you will wonder off the path that leads to the body of your dreams, and will get back to walking the path that takes you in the opposite direction!

When you finally create the body of your dreams, you will have to keep observing your current circumstances on a daily basis. There is simply no other way to maintain the end result that you will bring into reality by the end of your weight loss program.

As soon as you stop doing this, the beliefs and concepts from the OLD WORLD will create structural conflict, and little by little you will start to lose the weight loss success that you will work so hard to create!

This is why I recommended that you leave your beliefs and your concepts at the door before you start your weight loss journey!

In this NEW WORLD that you will discover for yourself, believe it or not, these beliefs and concepts will be the CULPRITS that will try to steer you away from reaching your major health goal!

My job, as a Weight Loss Motivation Expert is to teach you exactly how to objectively observe your current reality on a daily basis without the use of your beliefs and concepts!

In the end, 99% of your weight loss success will depend on you mastering this ONE SKILL! Dear Reader, please understand that I’m NOT exaggerating this number!

Weight loss, is really a mind game, in order to win you have to think on a regular basis. There is no auto-pilot strategy, and this is why the majority of the people trying to create permanent fat loss eventually FAIL!

Taking this into account, if you ever have any questions you can always e-mail me using the contact form on this site!

With that said let’s cover the second step in creating your goal setting chart. This second step will help you to produce structural tension and also create an advancing structure in your weight loss program.

The elements of this advancing structure will include YOUR CURRENT total body weight, body fat percentage, lean body mass, and total body fat weight. They will also include your current state of overall health, and your habits in the area of nutrition and exercise.

There will be many other elements, but since they will be unique for everyperson, you will only discover them after you start taking actions that you will write in your own personal goal setting chart!

Where you are right now, is the only place from where you can start moving toward creating the body of your dreams!

There are no tricks to this. The foundation of reality is the only place you can start moving toward creating the major health goal that you have chosen for yourself!

As human beings, we can’t go into the past and create, and we can’t go into the future and create.

Here and now is the only place where you can actually take the steps toward creating the body of your dreams.

This is why I have designed the goal setting chart to be very simple and very effective at producing NON-STOP MOTIVATION!

Without this never-ending energy force, the majority of people would simply keep putting everything off until TOMORROW!

How do I know this? Because this is exactly what I did for eight years straight. I was a PROCRASTINATION EXPERT!

From the time I was 16, and until I finally created and started to use my goal setting chart, which was after my 24th birthday, I would tell myself that tomorrow I will do this, and when tomorrow turned into today, I told myself once again, tomorrow I will do that.

Yes, I did try many different diets, pills, motivation strategies, and other BS, but I never once said to myself, “Alex, What Is My Current Reality?” or “What Are My Current Circumstances?”

After reaching my ideal weight in the spring of 1995, and looking back at the eight years that I struggled to lose weight, it really hit me — I was never really “honest” with myself!

Most of my questions where why isn’t this diet working, or why aren’t these pills working, or why aren’t the 100,000 affirmations that I repeated to myself in the last month NOT WORKING?

It is only when I asked myself what is the current reality in my life, and started to objectively observe my current circumstances on a daily basisthat my life changed forever!

Okay, enough about me, let’s get back to how YOU can learn to objectively observe your present situation and start moving toward creating the body of your dreams TODAY!

First you have to completely understand WHY it is so important for you to know the truth about what is going on in reality!

There are so many reasons, but let me list the ones that are important for creating the body of your dreams.

The more accurately you can describe where you are in the present moment in relation to your goal, the more structural tension you will form, and the more Non-Stop Motivation you will be able to produce!

When you are completely honest with yourself, you will be able to make adjustments in your weight loss program when something is not working,and will continue to keep taking those steps that are moving you in the direction of your goal!

Being aware of your current circumstances will also help you to custom-tailor a weight loss approach that works really well for you and allows you to create the body of your dreams at YOUR OWN PACE!

In the beginning of your weight loss journey you must choose to objectively perceive your current reality to the best of your ability!

You can accomplish this by shifting your focus away from the concepts, beliefs, ideals, past experiences, and theories that have been influencing your perception of reality, to simply using your conscious observations in the present moment.

This is how you leave the old world behind, and enter the new world. When you start to simply observe what is in front of you, you start to walk the path that leads to the creation of your major health goal!

This will help you to go from where you are right now to where you want to be when you create the body of your dreams! And, you will accomplish this in the fastest time possible because you will not be blinded by your beliefs, concepts, ideals, past experiences, and theories.

This means that you will never wonder off this path anymore, and once your reach your ideal body weight, you will be able to maintain it for life!

When you learn how to consciously observe your current circumstances you will be able to learn from your actions, adjust them as needed, and always get a fix on where you are in relationship to your major health goal.

Without a good fix on reality, you will also not be able to establish structural tension, the dynamic that is needed for you to produce the Non-Stop Motivation that will help you to bring your vision into reality.

If you don’t develop the skill of viewing current reality accurately, your bow will be limp and you will not generate adequate tension to make sure that the arrow will reach your main target.

But, as soon as you develop this skill you will know how to organize your current actions so that you can start moving toward your major health goal. You will also know how to adjust your future actions, so that you can stay on the path, and eventually create the body of your dreams!

Obviously the truth is not always pleasant, convenient, or comforting, and this is why the majority of people avoid becoming fluent in knowing reality!

The way we deal with reality reflects our values and the personal issues that we may have. Sometimes we don’t want to know the truth because it is in conflict with how we would like things to be.

For eight years I had a conflict between my desire to know reality and my desire to minimize the conflict and struggle that I experienced in my life. From 1986 to 1994 I went from 185 pounds to 275 pounds. This clearly shows that by not being honest with myself, I became extremely overweight at a very young age. I was only 24 at the time.

Obviously I had many moments of truth in my life during those eight years. These were the moments that defined my values in those days. I used many diets, pills, and other fast weight loss strategies that many people told me will not work.

You see, instead of embracing the truth, I chose to define myself by expressing that I will distort reality when this suits me. I though that admitting the truth to myself would be hard and inconvenient. But, the consequences of distorting reality were really devastating.

I knew deep inside that if I admitted the truth to myself, then I would have to stop eating as much food as I wanted, would have to start using proper nutrition and would have to use exercise in order to burn off all the unwanted body fat that I was carrying around.

If I knew then what I know now, obviously I would have expressed a different value. I would have stood up for the truth, and would have admitted to myself that being completely honest with myself is more important for me than being dishonest.

Even if truth is discomforting sometimes, it is still to your advantage to be completely honest with yourself than to suffer the consequences that come from distorting reality!

Only after going through these struggles I understood that when values are in conflict, we have to choose and determine which value is more important, and which value is less important.

After creating my goal setting chart, I understood that all value conflicts are resolved by establishing a hierarchy. You simply determine what is predominant in your life and what is subdominant.

Once I understood this major distinction, health became my number one value. When I really thought about it, I could not see what could really be more important to me.

For some reason it really hit me that being obese, and feeling unhealthy all the time, has been really getting in the way of me enjoying my life.

And when I compared health to all my other values, for me it was even more important than love.

How can we love others, and how we can help others, and how can we be of service to others if we are not healthy?

When I asked myself these types of questions, I became aware how important health was for me personally.

But, what are values?

Your values are one of the most significant organizing principles in your life. Values are your personal individual inner convictions about what is important to you, and are the base that defines your responses to any given situation in life.

Values can include such qualities as avoidance of conflict, comfort, fun, involvement, truth, justice, kindness, love, mutual communication, respect, growth, support, challenge, beauty, attraction, freedom, and creativity.

Our values are internally generated, no one has to teach them to us. We simply have to learn how to use the values that we already have as a basis for making decisions.

This is very important because when you discover your most important values you can use them to motivate and support yourself at the deepest level. By asking yourself the questions that I have suggested in this first chapter, you will discover your own values, and will use them as the foundation on which you will build your weight loss success!

In the next part of this chapter, Taking Action, we will cover the most important strategies for using Non-Stop Motivation to create the body of your dreams!

From here you can also go back to the Non-Stop Motivation Section where you will find all the other parts from the 1st Chapter.

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