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Obesity In The United States

When you embark on a losing weight diet strange things happen!. Your overweight body is not at all happy to give up its fat content. As opposed to giving up the fat you start to lose lean tissue such as muscle and bone density.

A new research study carried out in Denmark, which was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered that when men dieted strictly less than 60% of the weight lost was fat. The remainder was lean muscle. When the same men studied regained weight only 24% of the weight readded was lean muscle – over 75% of the weight regained after weight loss was more fat. That means for people who yo-yo diet – living in a cycle of losing weight and putting it back on again – the muscle in their body are over a period of time being replaced by fat.

The same research showed that the picture for women is even worse! During the fasting period 35% of the lost weight was muscle tissue – originally less than for men. BUT on regaining weight only 15% was lean tissue. When the women in the case study lost and then readded weight, lean tissue was not sufficiently regained – 85% of the weight restored was fat!.

Child obesity, United States 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 t Year Past OECD 2010 projections and new survey data point for 2009 Boys obesity Girls obesity Boys overweight Girls overweight Estimates of the prevalence of overweight

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Childhood Obesity Task Force/ Let’s Move Initiative Four major objectives: • providing healthier food in schools • ensuring access to healthy, affordable food;

Study published by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here's an excerpt- Adult obesity rates increased in 16 states in the past year and did not decline in any state , according to F as in Fat

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. In order to counteract the growing epidemic of obesity in the United States, you will no longer be allowed to consume milk and

No, but the confusion is understandable. This is a map of obesity in America for 2011. The seven states with the highest level of obesity all voted for McCain

To Colorado (my State) for having the lowest percentage of obesity in all of the States in America, and thus becoming the leanest State comparing to

It all that bad? In recent yearsuproar and a focus on the obesity epidemic that has spread throughout the United States. According

To this article, “The rapidly climbing obesity rates in the United States have created a higher risk of esophageal cancer

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