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My Belly Bloat Workout

Hi it’s Tracy and welcome back to my channel and today i’m going to share with you my five favorite exercises to help you beat a bloated belly so if this is your first time at my channel, hello and welcome I’m Tracy and I put out brand new fitness and healthy lifestyle videos every single week so if your not already a subscriber make sure to click on this link down below or in the info bar and become a subscriber girlfriend.

so I know you are going to love this video today because i’m going to share with you exactly how to beat a bloated belly with just five simple exercises so let’s workout okay so one of my first and most favorite exercises that helps you to get that feeling of a really flat belly really quickly are crunches with straight legs and the reason why we want to do them with straight legs is so many people put their pelvis in the wrong way and I’m going to show you exactly what I mean by this

okay so a lot of times we want to do crunches and we start off like this but I see it time and time again that people tuck their butt under and their pubic bone is sticking their pressing their low back in and guess what’s not happening you’re not working your abdominals so when you have straight legs guess what happens gravity keeps your pelvis in a neutral position now I’ve got a big booty so there’s a big space here I feel like I can run a truck underneath my back

this is a neutral pelvis so a really quick way to think about what’s a neutral pelvis is think of this little triangle you’re pubic bone okay that is the point of the triangle and your hip bones are the other point you want that area to be flat so what happens when you have straight legs is that area is going to be flat if I was tucking under you see what I am doing, there is a ski slope, my pubic bone is going up to the ceiling so if you have your legs straight here and your doing crunches up you’re able to really access the deepest layer of muscle which is your transverse abdominals which is what you want to be working.

And that is going to give you a flat belly so you’ve seen me do this eighty gazillion times on my channel so this is the reason why i do this often with straight legs and do little pulses or twisting like this it’s one of the best things you can do okay second move is going to be slow bicycles, so often people will be like going going going going you’re not working anything,

so go a little bit slower keep your elbows wide, you’re twisting, this is a very classic pilates exercise pulling your belly, exhale you hear my voice shaking and then go to the other side exhale, so this speed, exhale is going to really help you, okay, and you want to feel every single time that you are pulling the naval into the spine okay so you’re doing that drawing in motion okay that’s going to help you get that flatter belly really quickly

okay third exercise one of my favorites also a pilates exercise I can’t help myself talking about pilates for a bazillion years is what is called the lower lift okay or the double leg lift I forget what it is even called in pilates it’s been a long time since i have been certified so what you want to do is extend your legs up now if your sensitive in your low back you can make a little platform like a triangle and put it underneath the small of your back or just keeps your arms by your side.

You’re going to inhale as you lower those legs down without poufing our your belly or feeling any pain in your back and then exhale use the abdominals as you come back up okay inhale lower, what I don’t want to see is argh the muscles going out, no way keep them in, keep your belly pulled in really tightly and then come all the way up.

Now when you’re doing this exercise depending on your fitness level if your stronger you’re going to be able to bring the legs a lot lower if you’re more of a beginner you’re not going to.

You’re going to have to keep your legs a little bit higher also, if you have a back problem, don’t make that exercise such a large motion okay keep it a little bit smaller and work your strength up okay so the fourth exercise is the plank.

now there’s a million different plank variations you can do, but planks are so great because they are working your deepest layer of muscle and the surface muscles as well okay so you’re really getting full full core work here and that’s going to help you get a flat belly so pretty simple here, bring yourself up onto all fours okay, you’ll push thru the ball of one foot push thru the ball of the other,

now here are a couple things you want to think about don’t sink into the shoulders i see this sometimes, keep energy lifting up don’t lift your booty up like that, it’s not a plank okay, and don’t let your belly sink here that is also not a plank you wanna keep this long neutral position okay and then with your belly no belly hanging down to the floor

, squeeze and pull the belly in okay so what I think about when I’m doing that is like I have a belt on the inside and I’m tightening it up as much as possible okay and the fifth and final exercise that can really help you to beat a bloated belly are rib isolations so rib isolations you definitely see me doing them , um sometimes we call them standing abs so you have your knees just slightly bent and your just isolating your rib cage side to side so a few things are happening when you do this.

You are definitely using the Transverse Abdominis, so you’re pulling that naval into your spine, but then by isolating the ribs you’re definitely getting those obliques workings so it’s kinda a two for one here that’s going to give you that tighter, tone more flatter look in your belly and also give you definition along the sides of your body which by doing so it’s sort of an eye trick

because when you have that definition just by nature of having those lines you’re going to look way more thin and look like you have a flatter belly right away so there you have it those are the five exercises to beat the bloat so I hope that you loved those five exercises to beat a bloated belly if you did make sure to give the video a big ol’ thumbs up and make sure if not already, you subscribe to my channel because I put out new videos every single week alright i’ll see you next time bye.

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