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LowCarbFoods.org Infographic Dispels Low Carb Myths to Help Dieters to Make Health-Conscious Choices

Toronto (PRWEB) August 16, 2012

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Art Branch, Inc., the parent company of LowCarbFoods.org announced today the publication of a new infographic (http://www.lowcarbfoods.org/low-carb-diet-myths.php), intended for people interested in learning the facts about low carb diets and lifestyle.

Created by the web design and content development teams at Art Branch, Inc., the infographic aims to dispel some common myths and misconceptions about low carb diets. It highlights the myths and reports the facts in an effort to counter misinformation and help people to choose the right diet for them.

“When most people hear the words “low carb diet”, they imagine an extreme diet, which is hard to follow and might be dangerous for your health. The facts are a well nutritionally balanced low carb diet can offer great health benefits to healthy individuals,” said Peter Todorov, President of Art Branch, Inc.

Many people are hesitant about going on a low carb diet. This is understandable given that some nutrition myths sound like legitimate concerns. The truth is that any diet can be dangerous when dieting improperly. Misled by myths and misconceptions about low carb diets, some people push the limits of their bodies. This could wreck the dieter’s health, leading to osteoporosis, reduction in metabolism, poor concentration, depression, and other problems. The new infographic offers the facts about low carb diets to help people to make educated choices and avoid going into extremes. A well balanced low carbohydrate diet helps dieters to lose weight and maintain healthy weight. Low carb diets are used to prevent and treat epilepsy, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. They help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels and decrease blood pressure.

About LowCarbFoods.org: LowCarbFoods.org is an informational resource developed by Art Branch, Inc. and designed to offer unbiased information on low carb diets and lifestyle.

About Art Branch: Art Branch, Inc., located in Toronto, Ontario, is the publisher of LowCarbFoods.org and has produced several consumer oriented websites targeting Canadian audience. The goal of Art Branch is to provide visitors to company sites with free, useful guides, helping consumers make educated choices.

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