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Low Protein Diets for Weight Loss

Low protein diet plans such as the Bread for Life and Carb Lover’s Diet can help you lose weight if you are careful to choose resistant starches. Some people adopt a low protein diet when they become vegan or vegetarian. Others are a on low-protein diet because their doctor recommended a low-protein diet for kidney disease or a low-protein diet for liver disease.

The Rice Diet, which is the Duke University weight loss plan, is one of the best low-protein diets for people who need to reduce animal protein consumption.

For any low-protein diet plan, stick to about no more than 10 percent protein for the day. Some people eat as little as four percent protein when they are on a low-protein diet for kidney or liver diease.

Several diet plans encourage people to eat more carbohydrates. “The Carb Lovers Diet,” stresses resistant starches which don’t digest in the small intestine. Resistant starches are supposed to fill you up and keep hunger at bay, much in the same way fiber satiates dieters. Some examples of resistant carbs, that can be added to a low-protein menu, include beans, green bananas, yams and brown rice.

If you are looking for low protein diet ideas, consult vegetarian cookbooks. Here are a few other ideas for a low-protein diet menu:

No. 1: Juicing: Juicing is great for a low protein diet. Try juicing carrots, celery, parsley, beets. To make the juice taste more palatable, juice in a lemon and green apples for tartness.

No. 2: Healthy soups: Soups fill you up and make you feel satisfied. When you are on a low protein diet, you may feel hungrier. Try eating soups flavored with herbs and spices. Add low protein pastas and brown rice for texture. Add in lentils, black beans, kidney beans or other beans which are resistant starches to help you lose weight.

No. 3: Breads: According to the “Bread for Life,” diet, eating bread can raise the feel-good hormone called serotonin, which helps curb hunger. The “Bread for Life” dieters eat practically a loaf a day of light bread. When on a low protein diet, fill your sandwiches with grilled mushrooms, red peppers or eggplant. You could even use olive oil to fry breaded eggplant. Or eat high fiber cereals such as Ezekiel, Creamy Buckwheat and Uncle Sam or Quaker bars.

No. 4: Low protein foods: Select low-protein foods for creating a low protein diet menu. Some ideas include sweet potatoes which have very little protein. Also, make cauliflower mock mashed potatoes, Sauerkraut and rice dishes.

No. 5: Sweets: Fruits make the best diet choices on a low protein diet. Papaya is a great low protein fruit choice. Eating fruit will also raise serotonin levels. Amy’s gluten-free and dairy-free cake is also quite delicious and low in protein.

Not everyone can lose weight on a low protein diet, but if your doctor recommends a low protein diet for kidney or liver disease, you may be pleasantly surprised by all the delicious healthy choices.

If you are following the Body Type Diet, the G-Types or pear shapes and naturally muscular A-Types do best on a vegetarian or low protein diet. While many people thrive on a high protein diet, you could be one of those people who doesn’t get fat on pasta and thrives on a rice diet!

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