Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Low Fat Diet, what are the cons and pros?

The most effective low fat diet is the Pritikin Diet. The problem with using this nutrition strategy is the hunger that you experience, while you are eating low fat food.

Very few people have the willpower to follow it for long. Eventually your body starts to use its survival mechanisms, to make you eat more dietary fat through hunger pangs.

The reason is very simple for this! Your body considers low dietary fat consumption to be a danger to your survival.

The only way around this is to consume at least 20% of your calories from good dietary fat.

We cover this in our Nutrition Strategy section in full detail. The most important thing to remember when it comes to dietary fat…is that there is good fat and there is bad fat.

And this is the distinction we make when it comes to the consumption of this very important nutrient. We invite you to read the information we have prepared for you in our site.

Starting with our Home Page, we have organized everything in a logical order. All the pieces to the long term weight loss puzzle will fit together one at a time.

The result of reading our focused content will be that you become a weight loss expert, and will know exactly how to create the body of your dreams, and to maintain it for life!

Updated: October 18, 2013 — 2:59 pm

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