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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Examples of Low Carb Diets Recipes

The link to an excellent site with low carb diets recipes will be given at the end of this article.

Since my site focuses on proper nutrition and exercise for achieving long term weight loss I do not really support low carb approaches, especially conventional low carb diets.

Without a doubt they work and can produce some impressive weight lossresults, but they are unhealthy, unbalanced and lead to an increase in appetite.

This makes them ineffective for reaching your ideal weight and at the same time creating long term health.

And this is what I want for every one of my readers.

I support moderate approaches to creating a lean, healthy body, and since low carb dieting is an extreme approach, in my opinion it should be left for a time when you hit a weight loss plateau or for some reason want to create really low body fat levels.

The best ways to use a low carb zig zag strategy is to lower your carbohydrate moderately for two to three days and then to raise it back up to maintenance level.

The second low carb tapering strategy is to simply eat complex starchy carbs in your first two meals and complex fibrous carbs in your last two meals.

Once you hit a weight loss plateau or want to create a really low body fatpercentage, these advanced strategies can be used effectively.

These approaches are healthy, and by using them you will keep providing your body what it needs to function properly and at the same time will help your organism to burn additional body fat.

By clicking here, you will find low carb diets recipes, and can also read additional information on low carb dieting.

Updated: November 10, 2013 — 11:43 am

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