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Low Carb and Loving It

Low carb and loving it is an article about using a few advanced low carb strategies.

The first strategy is low carb tapering.

This nutrition approach involves eating more starchy carbs in the first two meals of the day and more fibrous carbs in the last two meals of the day.

This strategy allows you to get the benefits of a low carb diet without sharply cutting your carbohydrate intake during the day.

It is a very balanced approach, and is much easier to use than a conventional low carbohydrate diet.

From my experience trying to follow a low carbohydrate diet is very difficult, and most people eventually throw in the towel because of hunger and low energy levels.

This approach should be used once you hit a plateau in your weight lossprogram, or if you want to create a very low body fat percentage.

It is considered an advanced nutrition strategy and works the best once you have mastered the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise.

Once you the results this technique produces then you will say that you are low carb and loving it!

The second low carb strategy is carbohydrate zig zagging. This is where you consume low carbohydrates for two to three consecutive days and then raise your carb intake back to maintenance level.

The healthiest way is to drop your nutrient ratio from 50-30-20 to 40-40-20 and to consume 40% of your calories from carbohydrates, 40% of your calories from lean protein and 20% of your calories from good dietary fat.

Once you adjust your meals using these nutrient ratios, then you simply eat these meals for two to three consecutive days, and then raise your carb intake back to maintenance level for four consecutive days, where 50% of your calories will come from carbohydrates, 30% from lean protein and 20% from good dietary fat.

After the four consecutive days at maintenance level you can drop your carb intake back to 40% and eat low carb meals for another two to three days.

These two low carb and loving it approaches will help you to produce amazing weight loss results, and at the same time will help you to avoid the negative consequences that are part of any conventional low carb diet.


Updated: February 21, 2013 — 1:55 pm

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