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Lose 20 Pounds | Effective Fat Loss Strategy

In this Lose 20 Pounds article you will find a few very effective fat-burningstrategies that you can use to burn off twenty pounds of the unwanted body fat that you currently have!

If your primary objective is to lose 20 pounds, and you want to make sure that this weight comes from the body fat that is currently stored inside of your fat cells — you will have to use a combination of proper nutrition and exercise to help your body burn off these “excess” calories!


I have written in many of my articles, and will write in many more — low calorie diets, fad diets, diet pills, and/or appetite suppressants will not help you to lose unwanted body fat.

Yes, they can help you to lose scale weight, which will mostly be your body’s water and muscle, but to lose “unwanted” body fat, you have to use proper nutrition and exercise — so that your organism will “burn off” this fat — as an energy source.

In addition to being “in-effective” at helping you to lose 20 pounds of unwanted body fat — low calorie diets, fad diets, diet pills, and/or appetite suppressants — are very, very “effective” at making your body gain back the weight that you lost while using them!

And, as if this wasn’t enough — they also force your organism to change its chemistry, so that it can store more body fat in the future, and store it much more “efficiently!”

This means that as soon as you stop using low calorie diets, fad diets, diet pills, and/or appetite suppressants, you will gain back the weight that you lost really fast!

Plus you will continue to gain more and more body fat — because of the changes that occur in your body’s chemistry.

And, since these weight loss strategies and products make you lose muscle, your metabolism will slow down, your body will burn less calories on a daily basis — and this will make it even easier for you to gain unwanted body fat,even if you eat less food than before you started using these approaches!

Okay, now that you know what “not to do” — let’s cover the effective fat-burning strategies that “can” help you to lose unwanted body fat in the fastest time possible! 
Here is exactly what I would do if I had to lose 20 pounds of unwanted body fat. Taking into account that 15 years ago I lost over 110 pounds, and accomplished this in a little over 12 months, the strategy that I will give you is very effective!

Since I was born with an endomorph-dominant body type, and have a “naturally” slow metabolism, the steps that I will give you will work even if you have a serious difficulty in losing unwanted body fat!

Okay, my first step would be to take the food that I am currently eating, and split it up into four equal meals. These four meals I would consume every four walking hours of the day.

The first meal, I would eat as soon as possible after waking up, and the last meal I would eat about three hours before going to sleep!

Then, I would take a look at the food that I am consuming on a daily basis, and would start to slowly replace the processed and refined food sourceswith healthier food. In this healthy meal plans article you will find the bestweight loss foods that you can consume to lose 20 pounds in the fastest time possible!

Eventually, I would try to create my four daily meals using the 50-30-20 macro-nutrient ratio. In this healthy diet plan article, you can read exactly how to do this properly.

I would also start to drink more water on a daily basis, to help my body to burn off body fat more efficiently. In this water and weight loss article you can read why drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, is one of the most overlooked fat-burning strategies!

To Lose 20 Pounds Of Body Fat Really Fast, Make Sure That You Make Physical Activity A Part Of Your Weight Loss Program!


Once I started to use proper nutrition, my next step would be to start using a simple cardio training workout on a regular basis.

I would start with three sessions per week, five minutes per session, and would eventually work my way up to 45 to 60 minutes per session. In thisexercises to lose weight quickly article you will discover why cardio is the key to fast “fat loss.”

And, my last step would be to start using resistance training at least three times per week. In this weight loss workouts article you can read why weight training is important for both, men and women, and why without using it on a regular basis, reaching and then maintaining your ideal body weight is almost impossible!

The most important thing that you have to realize is that if you want to maintain your body weight, after you lose 20 pounds, then most likely you will have to keep using these strategies for the rest of your life!

If you were born with a “naturally” slow metabolism, and experience difficulty in losing the unwanted body fat that you currently have, as soon as you stop taking these steps on a regular basis — the weight that you will lose, will start to creep back on, and eventually you will end up where you started!

And, make sure that you consider ordering The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss. This is my weight loss system where in the first chapter you will discover the “unique” motivation strategy that will help you to go through the hardest parts of your weight loss program without ever quitting or giving up!

From this article you can also go back to the Lose Pounds Section of my site to read the other articles about losing unwanted body fat in the fastest time possible…..lose 20 pounds….it’s a walk in the park!.

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