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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


List of Low Carbohydrate Foods

The best list of low carbohydrate foods can be found at the Atkins diet site. I will give a link to that list at the end of this article.

But first I would like to talk about using consuming low carbohydratefoods for weight loss.


There are many elements to an effective, long term weight loss program.

They include nutrition, exercise, advanced strategies, and of course motivation and goal setting.

Since many people have a very strong desire to reach their ideal weightusing a nutrition approach and avoid exercise, low carbohydratediets have been created to meet this demand.

There is no doubt that in the short-term low carb diets produce fat loss results, but in the long term they lead to gaining all the weight back and plus a few pounds of body fat on top.

The reason is simple: to permanently lose unwanted body fat in the long run, you will not only have to master proper nutrition, but also work on your goal setting, and of course you will have to do exercise on a regular basis.

If you do not know exactly what result you want to create in your weight loss program, the chances are very slim that you will ever create the body of your dreams.

If you do not use exercise, especially cardio for burning unwanted body fat, your chances will be close to zero.

Of course I am talking about people that have a difficult time losing unwanted body fat.

Because if you are genetically advantaged and have a body type with a high metabolism you might think that this is not true.

But if you have an endomorph dominant body type, it will take a lot of hard work to create a lean, healthy body and I want you to know this before you waste a lot of time with ineffective nutrition strategies that make outrageous promises but do not deliver results in the long run.

My whole site is built around the idea that the truth is more important than anything else, and only using objective reality we can reach our most desired objectives.

By the way, this site is where you can find the list of low carbohydrate foods.

After checking it out, if you want to find out what it really takes to create the body of your dreams, I would recommend reading the content I have created on the pages of my site.

This can be done at your own pace, and when you can find the time. Please just “bookmark” our site & add it to your “favorites” so that you can return at any time!.

But once you understand that you actually have to do a lot of work and that losing unwanted body fat is not easy, you might choose to take this path finally start moving toward creating the body you can be proud of!

Updated: November 28, 2013 — 3:50 pm

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