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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Life Area – Health

I deal with people who have different manifestations going on currently in their lives, and health is one of them.


Just like finance and love, health is also a very important life area as the enjoyment of everything rests on having good health.

One thing that I found common in people who face health issues is that they get stuck in the energy of the sickness and find it difficult to move into another space, and that is the space of the solution.

Moving into the space of the solution is very important for you to get closer and into the space of wellbeing. Like the job and finance situations, do whatever needs to be done to get well again. If it means going to a good doctor, taking alternative healing, improving your nutrition and changing your food habits, doing yoga, meditation, etc; whatever needs to be done, do it after due research, but with a feeling of faith.

As you do these things, you are actually in happy solution energy. Focus on the fact that this Universe has provided the way for you to become healthy again, and that more discoveries are being made every minute to get people feeling good again. Think of all the diseases for which cures exist nowadays and feel grateful. Earlier people would die of the smallest of sicknesses.

You don’t have to run away from the sickness; accept and make peace with it.

Once you do that, take steps to get out of it, and into the energy of wellbeing by giving power to the solutions available.

Start feeling well and whole again. It is very easy to get into healthy vibrations again just by feeling good about all the solutions that already exist, and as you feel good about the solutions, you call forth more and more. All healing starts from within you and as you believe that the means for getting healthy exist, you will shift your energy space.

Ask for help, take coaching, get support. This helps to very quickly shift the energy for money, health and other life areas. Get into success energy.

Remember what it would feel like to be healthy and keep calling it forth more and more. And when you experience even momentary relief from sickness, focus on those moments, make them your dominant point of attraction, and build on it.

Wellness is yours. Keep calling it forth. All of life’s creations were meant to be healthy. Believe in this truth and make it yours. Make educated decisions.

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If you feel that you have a health problem, you should seek the advice of your Physician or health care Practitioner.

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