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Legacy Modernization For Insurance

We recognize that the key to modernizing legacy systems is retaining the business process knowledge and data embedded in the systems and simultaneously enabling those systems to work with new applications. We know that each business is different and that our approach to modernizing your legacy systems needs to be flexible.

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Our Legacy Framework helps our clients to modernize their applications through a structured process, which reduces business risks and leverages the capabilities offered by newer technologies. The highlights of the framework include Mechanism to identify the right solution approach for the specific legacy application, Methodology to manage requirements and, Tools and templates to accelerate the modernization.

IT productivity and innovation go hand-in-hand. When developers are readily available for new projects, rather than assigned to costly ongoing maintenance, the door is open to new thinking. Modernizing legacy environments can reduce required maintenance time by over 50 per cent and greatly reduce the technological footprint. This helps IT departments to reduce costs accelerate development cycles and assign valuable and often-expensive resources to new initiatives that can enhance – rather than just maintain – company performance.

For many firms struggling with outdated legacy technologies, the question of whether they need to modernize their system easily answered. However, when it comes to modernization projects, it is crucial to get it right from the start to maximize subsequent benefits and opportunities. Functionality such as intranets, extra-nets, and data warehouses can more easily implemented on a modernized system, but newer functionality must initially take a back seat to basic modernization of the legacy systems that will support them – and the business – now and in the future.

As customers ask for more specialization, insurers need to change their processes and systems to deliver high performance. Health care insurers often believe that enterprise software package solutions are too costly and risky an approach for achieving the desired changes. As a result, many executives are looking for alternative long-term insurance solutions. Using our legacy modernization strategy services, insurers can reduce legacy system inefficiencies with the goal of reducing system costs. Legacy modernization requires less investment in time, money, and people than traditional alternatives. It allows you to reuse and extend the functionality of your existing systems and it provides a way to manage risk.

Legacy Modernization is a very effective alternative to enterprise package solutions for the core health care insurance business functions.

We offer services to maintain and support legacy systems and to help you to migrate from your legacy to future systems by modernizing your older solutions. We employ proven processes and methodologies to provide high quality maintenance and production support services so that you can be reassured that modernizing your legacy system will not cause unnecessary disruptions to your business operations.

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