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Jenny Craig Review

In this Jenny Craig Review you will discover the truth about this very popular weight loss system, and will find out if it can help you to create permanent fat loss — or not!

Basically this is a commercial diet company that sells a wide assortment of weight loss products, and provides one-on-one consultation to people looking to lose weight.

There are two ways you can sign-up to Jenny Craig, the first is by visiting one of their Jenny Craig Centers, and your second option is by signing-up to their Jenny Direct At Home Program.

If you sign up at one of their centers you are asked to make weekly visits where you are weighed and then given some advice on how to choose and prepare your weekly menu.

After this you are able to buy “Jenny Cuisine” meals and products. There are over 75 different products that you can choose from.

If you choose the second option, and sign-up through their Jenny Direct At Home Program, then you will have to call and get a 15 minute consultation about how to order and then prepare your weekly “Jenny Cuisine” meals.

When signing up you can choose from a few different programs, The Jenny Tune-Up Program, the Jenny OnTrack Program, the Jenny Rewards Program, the Gold Program, and the Platinum Program. In a futureJenny Craig Review, I will go into more detail about these options, and tell you exactly what they offer.

In the beginning of the program it is recommended that you consume the pre-packaged meals, but eventually you can start to make your ownhealthy meals using your own food. From the start of your program you are also encouraged to consume regular food to make sure that your meals are nutritionally “balanced.”

When you start creating your own meals, you are instructed to write what you eat, and to make sure that you continue to meet with a counselor on a regular basis. In addition to this there is a 24/7 support hotline that you can call in case you need support or have questions about something.

In the conclusion of this Jenny Craig Review here are the most important things that you should take into account!

Since I want to be completely honest with my Jenny Craig Review, I do want to mention that this is an expensive weight loss system. What makes it expensive is that you have to pay for both the counseling, and the pre-packaged meals.

But, even though it is expensive, it can be very effective in the beginning of your weight loss journey because you learn about portion control, healthy eating, proper nutrition, meal frequency, meal timing, and the importance of macro-nutrient ratios.

In addition to this you are encouraged to use cardiovascular training and some resistance training on a regular basis. This is a very important element in reaching and maintaining your ideal body weightand because of this you will see some impressive weight loss results as long as you “stick” with the program!

This is a short Jenny Craig Review, and in one of my future blog posts I will go into a lot more detail about this weight loss system, because there are a lot of positive things that this program can teach you, but these lessons will come with a “price” that not everyone will be happy with!

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