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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Is this diet good and healthy diet?

I just started a diet and I'm not sure if it's exactly the healthiest and if it meets all my nutritional needs.

Breakfast:and fruit (sometimes a glass of milk)

Lunch:Chicken salad (lettuce,tomatoes,cucumber,a little lime, grilled chicken, and a little ranch dressing). Or An egg salad (everything as the first one except boiled eggs in place of chicken)

Dinner:(Same as lunch) or sometimes white rice, vegetables, and chicken

I like to change up my foods a bit. But is this a healthy diet?

Im actually really healthy, I exercise. I just want to lose a bit of weight so Im resorting to salads.

Breakfast is good and healthy if you are eating fruit. Milk, on the other hand, should be avoided as all dairy products should. Extremely acidic in the body. Most people won't agree with me but if you would like to do your own research, just Google “milk myth” and read on…. (you will get over 2 million results).

Lunch is good except for the meat and the ranch dressing. Just like dairy products, meat causes acid ash in our bodies. We are taught that we should get protein in our diet. Fact of the matter is, our bodies don't use proteins, it uses amino acids, which can be found plentiful in a plant-based diet. (Once again, you can Google “protein myth”) Ranch dressing was my all time favorite and it took a while for me to totally remove it from my diet. I replaced it with many raw food dressings I found on the net that are great substitutions or you can go with organic EVOO and some fresh squeezed lime or lemon juice and some herbs.

A healthy diet is one that consists of more fruit than anything, some leafy greens and veggies and a tad of essential fatty acids. If you choose to eat meat every once in a while, get only organic – they will be free of antibiotics, steroids, and other chemicals livestock is pumped up with. Also, with meat, you shouldn't have a starch. That falls under “food combining”… sugar in the carbs will sit with the meat and putrefy (ferment) it in your gut.

I hope this helps you to make some wise choices to become healthier than ever! 🙂

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