Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


i want to lose weight!!plz help?

i want to lose 5-10 every month until i reach my goal of 40 lbs

how should i go about doing this.

i know you have to eat healthy and exercise,but give me details on what kind of workouts,etc


Let's start…..I weighed 190 pounds and I lost 65 pounds……..I will share my experience with u………..firt of all don't expect any weight loss for one week when u make any changes in your diet or start exercising……..your body will need sometime to change itself into fat burning mode ….first week eliminate all bad things from your diet …..like all processed foods, oily foods, sugary foods and fatty foods and all junk, icecreme, soda, chips , biscuits and all fast foods etc……. and replace them with lowfat, low sugar, low sodium , whole greain foods etc……..then make a weight loss plan for yourself…….u should eat 5 times a day , breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner………this week u will be changing your bad routine and creating a new good one……also try to analyze wut u do wrong and why have u gained all this weight so that u can change your behaviour towards food……..u will have to develop a new ralationship with food all over…….and probably some of your bad habits too….try to chose healthy foods for all meals ….some tips to chose healthy meals for your plan

1. try eating protein for breakfast….egg whites or protein shake

2. snack should be any fresh fruit u like……..starberries, pineapple, apple, black grapes, watermelon are all great for weight loss cos they are full of nutrients and have antioxident properties as well

3. eat lots of raw veggie salad before lunch so that u still feel full and then eat whole wheat bread tuna sandwich etc…..

4. drink green tea to boost metabolism with some drops of lemon and honey

5. another great snack option is a cup of low-fat yogurt ……..its great for permanent fatloss

6. a handful of almonds, pumkin seeds or snflower seeds are examples of good fat as a snack and they provide lots of energy and keep blood sugar stable so that u dont any cravings

7. dinner should be lots of soup or stir-fried vegetables……..try not eating rice or bread for dinner …eat them for lunch after salad

8 if u feel like eating dessert try eating pineapple or mangoes or any sweet fruit like dates etc.

9 allow yourself one meal a week of your choice ……u can go out once a week for one meal but not more than that

10 drink lots of water but if u will drink hot water it will help u lose weight even faster ….hot water has lots of health benefits……or atleast try drinking two glasses of hot water first thing in the morning ….if u can add some drops of lemon it will be even better….it will help u get rid of toxins fast and improve digestive system and liver function

For Exercise walking is the best exercise………try adding it in your daily life…….I used to walk my dog for 4 to 5 times a week or u can use a treadmill if u like ………u can start stretching at first and then gradually go to advanced options like aerobics……i also used to put on some music and dance like crazy…and i still do it

Also picturize yourself slim and think about the reward after all this effort…..it will be worth it and remember weight loss is possible but self-discipline and consisteny is the key. Good luck!!


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