Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets



Today we have come to you with 1 solution of a very big problem that is belly Fat Now a days because of our eating habits and improper schedule Nearly 70% of world’s population is facing problem of overweight and belly fat So today we will tell you how to reduce weight and belly fat.

you need to take very effective and very small steps for it So, what are these steps,,These steps are Intake atleast 3-4 litres of warm water daily Now take 1 tSpoon of carom seeds ( Ajwayin) and 4cloves of Garlic( lehsun ki kali) Now Grate (Crush) the cloves of garlic and mix it with Carom seeds Now take 1 glass of warm water and Juice of 1 full lemon, Mix both these items Now Chew the mixture of Carom seeds and grated garlic properly.

And then take the mixture of warm water and lemon juice Do this process daily 2 times with empty stomach in Morning and Evening You will definitely get good results from End of 1st month itself, This we assure you Although this full process will give you good results but to get wonderful results you require some more things

What more tools you require are You need to reduce intake of salt , because salt is having sodium and sodium is having property of water retention.

Due to this it leads to increase in Bloating 2nd Take proper tension free sleep of 6-7 hours daily.

Because less sleep will also lead to bloating Avoid Junk foods like pizza and burger as much as possible and try to eat maximum salad and vegetables Stop taking water for half an hour after meals , as it will also decrease belly fat and weight

Start walking daily half an hour in morning and half an hour in evening after dinner It will also be very beneficial for you So friends do all these and we assure you that you will definitely reduce belly fat and weight from 1st month itself Now help you friends and relatives by sharing our video with them.

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Be slim be smart be happy.

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