Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


How to Lose Weight – Top 10 Ways

MI Do a lot of questions about how I’m fit and what my secrets to keep the physical I I decided to make this video to share with you my 10 secrets to lose weight or to still maintain the weight you have so all tips that do not involve physical eseri cizi.

Moving is essential if you want to lose weight but this is not the video dedicated to physical exercises. in this video we talk about eating habits and healthy lifestyle so let’s start! the first comsiglio is fundamental is Drink lots of water I know everybody says but it is really important usually I drink two of these then in the morning I open a new and try to finish it at lunch or during lunch and after lunch

I open another and try to finirtla before going to sleep iff you are the kind of people that you know the importance of drinking but you forget what I recommend to put an alarm every thirty minutes so you will remember to drink The drink is also good for your skin Also aids digestion uindi please let drink lots of water Your body needs it maybe do an experiment Do it for a month and try to drink at least two liters a day and you will see the results the second consiglioc h and you want to give

Never jump and I repeat never skip breakfast from breakfast you will have a lot of energy to start your day and what I mean is not mngiare coissant and cappucino each day I mean a healthy breakfast but energy, such as cereal, yogurt smoothie It should not be a giant breakfast I usually do a “breakfast” but that gives me enough energy another cosniglio that I want to give and that I think it’s nothing that but many people are on a diet can not eat pasta

I will not take no weight goglio eat bread this is completely wrong you can eat a bit of everything even if you eat pasta every day but eat only 60-80 grams will not gain weight many people think that if they eat pasta or other carbohydrate each day become super fat guys but it’s not true because if you have a varied and then eat pasta meat fish vegetables fruit diet but if you eat in moderation all will only do good to your body Another advice is do not eat much fried

I do not eat fried things almost never but not because I just plain do not like because I find that fried things are too heavy so maybe instead of frying vegetables you can boil or baked (my preferito9 method do all the oven will make everything lighter and healthy and also cook things in the oven will preserve the vitamins and food properties usually when people know me better they know what I eat during the day I do have small but frequent meals so

I do then enjoying breakfast at lofty lle 10 and half 11 snacks then lunch 4 or 5 in the afternoon snack and then dinner and po1i a mini mini snack after dinner so I do many meals as you can see something so important because your metabolism is always on the move then your metabolism will get used to burn more calories my mother

He has practiced this cosniglio in his diet and he has seen many changes and is changed to be plump to have the physical as my and eat six times a day and eat a lot more than when it was the diet and it was always on a diet thing that’s not good and now it is much more healthy and happy of his body another thing that has done well to my body It is to drink green tea when I started I did not even like and are now ossesionata I drink at least two mug every day so I drink one to amttino as breakfast

Green tea also has a lot of properties for the skin if you have acne green tea will help a lot Sport is obviously important and of course I’m not here to tell you only if you follow these tips you will lose weight I have a good metabolism and I did tantisismo sports but these things I am telling you now They have fattto you that

I have the body I have now however, I was saying that doing sports is important but if you do not have time at least take the stairs instead of the lift when you parked parcheggiat maybe a bit more far from the entrance so you walk a little more go for a walk with your him with a friend or with your dog walking up the stairs are all ways to move and free Esono when hod pound which is important to many meals and snacks does not mean cupcake fries what I do is eat snacks salutri throw all unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthier things.

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