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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


How to Lose Weight Fast on the Egg and Bacon Breakfast Diet

Many people feel the need to lose weight, and follow rigorous diet regimes and strenuous exercise in their struggle to shed those extra pounds or kilograms. Some follow weight loss diets which cut out various foods, or reduce calories to below the level needed to maintain the body at normal levels of activity. Such diets demand rigorous self control and may even be dangerous, if they deprive the body of essential vitamins and food sources. The Egg and Bacon Breakfast diet allows you to eat a normal balanced diet, and still shed weight quickly by increasing the efficiency of the metabolism.

The Bacon and Egg Breakfast Diet Regime

Simply start the day with a couple of rashers of grilled back bacon, a grilled tomato and an egg fried in just enough olive or sunflower oil to prevent it sticking to the pan. Add a grilled mushroom if you wish, and wash it all down with coffee or tea and fresh fruit juice as you wish. However, avoid any carbohydrates at breakfast – no cereal, bread porridge or toast.

For the rest of the day, eat as you normally would but avoid excess, preferably including a healthy balance of fresh fruit and vegetables and carbohydrates, along with protein, fat and dairy products.

The diet appears to produce the fastest weight loss if the main meal is taken during the day, followed by a lighter evening meal, though this isn’t essential.

How the Diet Sheds Weight

The Bacon and Egg Breakfast diet is based on a research project at the University of Alabama, in Birmingham USA and reported initially in the International Journal of Obesity and later in the Daily Telegraph and Independent. The research revealed that mice fed a high fat meal on waking and carbohydrates later appeared to metabolise more efficiently than mice starting the day with a high carbohydrate meal and fed a high fat meal later in the day; the latter showed increased weight gain and other undesirable effects.

The research team concluded that the high fat start to the day appeared to turn on the fat metabolism most efficiently, and the body then continued to deal with both fat and other types of food more efficiently for the rest of the day. Conversely. a carbohydrate meal at the start of the day turned on the carbohydrate metabolism, which was less able to deal with fatty foods later in the day. Starting the day with a modestly high fat egg and bacon breakfast therefore helps in weight loss by metabolising food more efficiently for the rest of the day.


Weight loss diets which involve cutting out certain foods or a large reduction in calories can themselves impose a health risk. The Egg and Bacon Breakfast Diet allows you to continue with a normal balanced diet, and should pose no risk to an otherwise healthy person. However, anyone suffering from high cholesterol or with other medical conditions restricting their diet should take medical advice.

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