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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


How To Lose Belly Fat

But she can factor in some foods she likes, like pizza, chocolate, whatever as long as it doesn’t go over her macro-numbers for the day Hey guys, it’s Matt from Macro Lean Method and today’s video is about how to get a flat tummy how to get a flat stomach especially for you girls and women out there that are trying to do this, you’ve been trying for awhile or you’re thinking right it’s time to shed some fat summer’s here, or I just want to get in shape and I really want to, like tone up my belly, tone up my hips, lose some weight and fat off that midsection.

So how do we do that? First off nutrition,second off training.

Both as important as each other but I’m going to talk about nutrition first and then training.

For nutrition we always hear about good and bad foods.

So I want to talk about, is there any foods that you can eat that are going to help you burn belly fat faster and other foods? And the answer is no.

There’s no foods that are going to be better for burning belly fat.

What matters is being a calorie deficit.

So what does that mean? For example if I have a client here, Susanna and she needs two and a half thousand calories to maintain her current body weight, I’m going to put her in a deficit.

So let’s say I take away 600 calories now she’s consuming 1,900 calories a day.

From that number, that energy number, I’m going to divide that into proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

All she has to do is track her macros ona smartphone, on an app like My Fitness Pal and hit those macro numbers every single day.

And because she’s in that calorie deficit with the proper macros she’ll be shedding fat is as simple as that.

She can eat whatever she wants.

Of course I advise clients to eat, you know, whole clean food Lots of lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables that’s common sense though isn’t it? But she can factor in some foods she likes, like pizza, chocolate, whatever as long as it doesn’t go over have macro numbers for the day.

So, there’s no good or bad foods, it’s all about portion control.

Being in that calorie deficit, tracking the proper macros simple as that.

On the movement side of things, a lot of clients I’ve seen a lot of people think it’s all about cardio, it’s all about hiit training, burning calories burning calories!! The calorie deficit with the problem macros go take care of that fat loss, ok.

Moving is not going to be all about cardio and all about HIIT training.

You’re going to burn away muscle mass and we don’t want to lose that, we want to maintain that lean athletic physique.

We even want to maybe, add a bit of lean muscle.

Or definitely shape and tone that.

So how do we do that? We do that through resistance training.

Press ups.

that could be doing body weight squats, that we’re doing pull-ups, that’s body weight.

That could be doing kettle bells, that could be doing suspension training like a TRX or my favorite of the dumbbells and barbells.

But doing some sort of strength training is going to tone and shape your muscles.

You need to be contracting your muscles to get that muscle tone.

And you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose the body weight.

It’s really as simple as that there’s no way to spot reduce fat and you’re doing tons and tons of crunches tons and tons of sit ups that’s not going to burn the fat away we need to lose the body fat all over and start to reveal that lean athletic body.

When you start to get a lower body fat then you can add in sit-ups, crunches, hanging leg raises.

If you have a sizeable amount of body fat to lose first it’s not gonna be helpful to be doing tons of core work, because you’re just working the core muscles underneath the body fat.

We need to get the calorie deficit, proper macros and then moving and contracting muscles.

Like squats,dead lifts, lunges, push-ups, bench press, pull-ups that’s really going to help you tone up all your muscles.

A multitude of muscles we’re going to get that lean, athletic body from doing the strength training and going to lose the body fat from being in that calorie deficit with a problem macro nutrients.

There’s no magic foods that make you burn belly fat, there’s no magic exercises and if anything we want to do more strength training, more contraction training.

If you want to do some cardio, supplement with some HIIT training or some long runs that’s up to you.

But strength training,contracting your muscles and also being in that calorie deficit eating with a proper macros that’s going to that lean, firm, toned belly.

Simple as that guy’s, no real short cuts no magic pills, no potions, no fat burners.

And once you get there, you can maintain that so much easier.

You don’t go on some crazy juice diet or some quick fix, it’s not gonna last, it’s not gonna be real.

You’re going to be losing muscle mass and you’re going to be losing water.

If you like that video guys like, share and subscribe and I’ll catch you next time.

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