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How To Create A Vision | Choosing Your End Result

How to create a vision…..okay folks, in the last three parts I explained the reasons why creating an advancing structure that won’t oscillate is important for reaching your ideal weight and bringing into reality the body of your dreams.

I also explained that your beliefs and concepts are not necessary on this journey, and instead of helping you they can actually get in the way of you successfully creating your major health goal.

You can simply leave your beliefs and concepts at the starting point, and when you reach the end of your weight loss program you can pick them back up, if you will still want to.

In this 4th part of the First Chapter we will go over the process that you can use to understand what you truly desire and what you truly want when it comes to the major health goal that you will be moving toward during your entire weight loss journey.

It is very, very, VERY important that you choose what your TRULY WANT TO CREATE for yourself, and NOT what you think you “SHOULD” CREATE.

There is a major difference between the two. If you choose the first, creating this end-result will be easy and fun. If you choose the second, you will have a difficult time reaching it, and even if you do reach it, most likely you will not be able to maintain it in the long run.

This is why in this 4th Part of the 1st Chapter you will find out how to discover your true wants and desires!

So, this is your first step in your weight loss journey, and make sure when you enter you don’t forget to leave your beliefs and concepts at the door,because where we are going they will not be necessary!

If you actually go on this journey with me to the end, you will leave the old world behind, together with all the ineffective motivation strategies,weight loss strategies and weight loss products that DON’T WORK, and will enter into a NEW WORLD where you will be the person that knows exactly how to create what your truly want, truly desire, and what truly matters to YOU!

So What Do You Really Want?


First of all, KNOWING the end result that you truly desire to create in yourweight loss program, or in any other area of your life is not a revelation that will open the door to success, happiness, or victory.

It is simply an understanding about what is truly important to you.

True success in any area of your life, is the ability to accomplish the end results that truly matter to you!

Only YOU have the authority to decide what matters enough to create. This is something that no one can impose on you.

There is an intrinsic quality to some of the things that might matter to you; they matter simply because they matter.

Sometimes it is difficult, or perhaps even impossible, to say for sure why something really matters to you. It just does!

Even though the reason why something matters to you may defy explanation or precise understanding, it is your choice alone to whether or not to organize your life around this true desire.

Here Are Just A Few Examples Of The End Results That You Might Want To Create In Your Weight Loss Program!


When you will be creating a final vision of your future self these are just some of the things you might consider.

Your new desired total body weight, your new desired body fat percentage, the way you want your body to look in the future, or anything else that matters enough for you to want to accomplish.

This is where you will have to make a choice about what matters enough for you to move toward on a daily basis, and what you truly desire to create at the end of your weight loss journey!

The principle that you will use in creating permanent fat loss is this: Have an idea in mind about the result you want to bring into reality.

What is the major health goal that you want to create? What kind of body do you want to create in your weight loss program? How much do you want to weigh when you reach the end of your journey? What is the body fat percentage that you want to have when you reach your ideal weight?

Do you want to look like someone on television, in a movie or in a magazine? Maybe someone that is famous already has the kind of body that you would like to create for yourself.

While this vision of your future self may sometimes come in a flash, most often it develops, grows, migrates, and matures over time and experience, rather than comes in one moment of inspiration.

More often than not, you will find yourself inventing your vision rather than discovering your vision. Study various aspects of the various visions that you might have, sketch out many different ideas in your mind, form many different pictures in your imagination which illustrate the final look and feel of the future vision of yourself.

Some people when working on this part of their goal setting chart will have a flash of insight. They will suddenly know exactly what they want to create. But usually ideas begin as little seeds, and then over time they grow into a full vision of the result that you truly desire.

The more you are involved with developing your ideas, the more you will get to know them. You will get a part of the idea, and then another part, and then you will begin to see how these parts fit together, and then, later still, you will begin to have a comprehensive vision of the body that you want to eventually bring into reality.

This Vision Will Be Your Main Target!


The vision that you create of your future self will be a constant guide and the main object that you will be aiming at! It will also be the standard by which you will measure your day to day progress.

While you are creating the body of your dreams, your vision will be in the back of your mind. But also, at certain times, you will focus directly on your vision with laser-like intensity.

This will enable you to generate amazing amounts of energy and increase your self-motivation to move in the direction of creating and bringing into reality the body of your dreams.

The best place to begin the process of developing your vision is at the end. What is the final end result that you want to create? This way of thinking helps you conceive the result you want to create independently from how you will create it.

This will also help you to see exactly what you are aiming at, before you start observing your current reality.

So, your first step will be to work on developing the vision that you will be focusing on during the whole weight loss phase of your program!

There are many questions that can help you to choose the end result that you will be moving toward. Here are some examples that can help you to focus on what is important to you in this area.

While keeping in mind that you will be creating the body of YOUR dreams ask yourself: What do I want? What do I want to create? What is the final end result that I want to create? What matters enough for me to spend my time and energy to create? What is really important for me to create in this area of my life?

Here Is Something Else That Can Help You To Develop The Vision Of Your Future Self!


One of the most effective ways to choose the end result that you will move toward in your weight loss program is to form a picture of it in your mind. This is the approach that helped me tremendously.

This may take some practice. But, eventually you can learn to hold two pictures in your mind at once. The first will be the vision of your future self and the second one will be the actual state of your body in the present moment.

This will help you to produce structural tension, and will create the energy, the drive, and the non-stop motivation to move toward your goal without ever quitting or giving up.

As you experiment with picture forming (visualizing) you will be able to clarify the end result that you want to create by the end of your weight loss program.

If you find it difficult to think visually, you may consider yourself forever limited. Some people have a tendency toward one or another style of perception (kinesthetic, visual, aural), but this is only their starting point, not their ending point.

Some people are better readers than others, but most people are capable of becoming literate. Same with visual literacy, most people can learn to be visually competent.

Being able to picture what you want to create has great benefits. First, as you envision exactly what you want your body to look like in the future, you are able to assimilate an enormous amount of data at once.

The Chinese saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is often true. A visual image gives you information that is not available in words.

Relationships among the different elements of your vision will become clear. The marvellous ability to form a picture of your end result enables you to work from knowledge rather than from speculation.

As you practice changing frames of reference, and looking at this vision of your future self from many different angles, you will get to know more and more about exactly what end result you want to create.

You can also use an image of someone you have seen in a magazine, on television, in a movie, or in real life. When using this technique, it is very important to take into account your body type, which we will cover in an upcoming chapter.

It is always important to keep it real. Once you understand about the different body types, it will be easier for you to choose an image to focus on based on the physiological characteristics that you were born with.

But, no matter what, when you finally reach and then will know exactly how to maintain your ideal weight for life, you will be living with a beautiful looking body on a daily basis.

In addition to this you will be healthy, energetic, and filled with vitality every minute of the day!

But In The End, How Clear Do You Really Need To Be About The Result You Want To Create?


Clear enough that you would recognize the result if you had it!

For example, for some people, it may be enough to simply reach a certain total body weight, or a certain body fat percentage, or a certain dress size, or some other number that matters!

The way their body will look at the end, and spending time on visualization, might not be that important to them.

In the end, it is always your choice!

Some people think that there is a relationship between the clarity of the original vision and the ability to produce it.

This notion is mostly found in self-help books that deal with programming the mind, which by the way always leads to backsliding and oscillation.

But, when using structural tension to create the body of your dreams, the degree of clarity is not the standard of measurement. As long as you would recognize the end result if you created it, it is adequately clear.

In the next part, we will cover how to objectively observe your current circumstances. This is the information that will help you to create an advancing structure in your weight loss program and will help you to produce the non-stop motivation that will be necessary for you to create the body of your dreams!

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