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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


How to Boost Your Metabolism With Herbs

There are many health benefits that can be gained from using herbs andherbal supplements as part of your everyday life. We can improve our immune system, fight off specific illnesses, alleviate pain – and even boost our metabolism.

In the last few years Western medicine has taken to herbs in a big way. Where we once shunned them as being simply “old wives tales”, these days science has proved that there are a lot of health benefits up for grabs from herbs, if we just find a way to include them in our lives.

One of the biggest benefits that we can get from herbs is a metabolism boost. There are a number of health benefits linked to a boosted metabolism included

* Losing Weight – The metabolism decides how many calories we are burning at any one time, a quick metabolism burns through a lot of calories.

* Illness – A sped up metabolism can fight off illness and infection quicker, burning through the toxins in our blood to get us better quickly.

* More energy – The faster our metabolism is the more energy we have.

So with all that in mind, let us look at what herbs can help us boost our metabolism.

Herbs to Help Boost the Metabolism

1. Caffeine – Hardly a secret this one – we’ve been using it for centuries thanks to both coffee and chocolate (and in the UK, tea). But be careful how much sugar you put with it, a sugar crash can slow you right down, not speed you up.

2. Cayenne Pepper – Contains the ingredient capsicum which helps to boost the metabolism by increasing your body heat. As an added bonus the cayenne pepper is also wonderful at helping to control your thyroid – which can control energy levels to a degree.

3. Seaweed – Seaweed can be a wonderful way of helping to boost the metabolism. High levels of iodine in seaweed boost the metabolism, whilst a secondary effect means that, like Cayenne Pepper, seaweed can help to control the thyroid, stimulation of which increases the metabolism.

4. Hawthorn – Another herb that helps stimulate the thyroid. Whilst this may not directly effect the metabolism, an activated thyroid does cause the metabolism to speed up, meaning Hawthorn manages to do it as a secondary reaction.

5. Ginger – Ginger expands your blood vessels, increasing heat energy (and the amount of oxygen that can be transported). The increase in heat helps boost the metabolism in the same way as cayenne pepper.

These are far from the only herbs that can boost the metabolism, but they are a good place to start..

Updated: June 26, 2013 — 3:31 am

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