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How much should I weigh

How much should I weigh? When asking this question, most people want to know what their ideal weight should be.

The best way to approach ideal weight is by aiming to reach a certain body fat percentage. Then the question becomes “What should my ideal body fat percentage be?”


Let us look at the averages first. The average woman carries about 25% body fat and the average man about 20%. Since these are the averages, many folks have much higher body fat percentages than these.

If you want to create a lean, healthy body, and you are not an athlete you should aim for about 15-18% body fat if you are a woman and 10-15% body fat if you are a man.

The female hormone estrogen causes a woman to carry about 5% more body fat than a man, and this is the main reason for the difference in the percentages.

Your goal when losing unwanted body fat should always be to maintain your muscle while burning body fat. This is the main focus of my weight loss program.

It is important to maintain your muscle while losing weight because as yourlean body mass drops, so does your metabolism.

This causes your body to burn less calories at rest, and you will have to eat less food to maintain your current weight.

If you don’t lower your calories you will simply start to gain weight since your body will not be able to burn the surplus calories.

In the section ideal weight you will find all the answers how to calculate your body fat percentage and your ideal weight.

Updated: January 3, 2014 — 9:43 am

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