Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


How many carbs a day am I allowed to eat, and is it okay to eat fruits?

I'm on a very very low carb diet, I'm eating fruits, vegetables, and lean meats..but my problem, someone told me your not supposed to eat fruits on a low carb diet cuz they are high in sugar. but someone else told me its okay, so is it okay or not?

and can anyone give me so low carb recipes for veggies, and lean meat?

also, how many carbs a day is enough? is 20 carbs okay?

the amount of carbs you eat depends on your weight and what particular type of low carb diet you are on.

The carbs and sugar from fruit are perfectly okay but don't eat way too much of it. It's the refined sugar that you want to stay away from. (juices, candy…)

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