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How can I add more fiber to my dog

Pets can sometimes have finicky dietary needs. If not done gradually, changes in diet can result in nausea or bloating and dogs are particularly sensitive to what goes into their food. Dogs can sometimes develop conditions that require them to consume more fiber on a daily basis. Since some foods that are good fiber sources in humans can be very harmful or fatal to dogs, adding fiber should be done with care. There are several options that are safe and effective.


Canned pumpkin is an excellent source of fiber that is safe for dogs. Make sure to use only pure, unsweetened pumpkin and not pie filling that has added sugar. A few teaspoons added to a dog’s food will up the fiber intake and most dogs love the taste of it. You can also freeze the pumpkin in ice-cube trays and serve it as a treat.



Sprinkling bran on your dog’s food is another effective way of increasing his fiber intake without completely changing his pre-exisiting diet. There are several types of bran, such as wheat, rice and oat bran but any of them can be effective as they are all high fiber. Do not give too much of it at one meal. Just sprinkle a little bit on the food and add some water to help make it easier to digest.


Apples have a high fiber content and most dogs love them. The seeds can be toxic so make sure there are no seeds in any apple slices that are served to your dog. The apple can be ground up into an apple sauce as well and either blended in with your dog’s food or served separately. If you purchase apple sauce from the store, it should have no sugars or other substances added.


Rice is an excellent source of fiber. You can use either brown or white rice but brown rice has much higher fiber amounts than the white varieties do. Add it into your dog’s food but moisten it first with warm water to make it easier to digest.

Specialty Food

If need be, the vet will have some prescription dog foods designed for special dietary needs with amounts of fiber. Prescription dog food is an effective way of increasing fiber intake if the dog is being treated for multiple conditions or other methods have failed.


Too much fiber can cause bloating and make the dog uncomfortable.


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