Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


High Protein Diet Plan

A high protein diet plan can an effective weight loss strategy when used temporarily.

The best way to approach a high protein, low carb approach is to use it for short periods of time and then go back to consuming moderate amounts of protein.

One of your options is to consume meals with about 50% of your daily calories coming from lean protein for two to three consecutive days.


Then lower your protein intake to about 30% of your daily calorie intake for three to four days.

After this low protein consumption increase it back up to 50% of your daily calories and so on.

By consuming moderate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and dietary fat for three to four days you provide your body with everything it needs to function properly.

And by consuming the higher protein intake for two to three days you enjoy the weight loss that comes from the high thermic effect of this nutrient.

Your other option with an effective high protein diet plan is to consume less protein in your first two meals of the day and to consume more protein in the last two meals of the day.

This approach is also very effective since you meet all your carbohydrate requirements by consuming moderate amounts of carbohydrates early in the day, and at the same time can enjoy the weight loss results that will come from consuming more protein in the later meals.

By trying to stay on a high protein diet for a very long time will always backfire, and will lead to an increase in your appetite.

Massive cravings for carbohydrates eventually will force you to quit yourdiet, and once you start consuming normal amounts of carbohydrates once again, the weight will creep back on.

Updated: July 2, 2013 — 8:49 pm

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