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Healthy Weight Management Helps To Cure Snoring

All of us are worried about our health, and snorers are no exception. Snorers can develop health conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, and bronchial or nasal congestion.

Compounding these health risks is a person’s weight. If the person is overweight, not only may they suffer from these conditions, but they may create a chronic snoring problem that may be dangerous at some levels.

However, there is hope if the person is able to reduce their weight, decreasing pressure on the neck and chest that may restrict proper breathing that can prevent a snoring issue.

Take the First Steps

Just so the facts are known, studies do show a link between snoring and weight, mentioning that people that are overweight have a tendency to snore. This is because the excess weight on the chest and around the throat contribute to compression of the airways, making them vibrate as the sleeper draws deeper breaths to compensate.

This causes the noise that keeps a significant other awake at night, as well as others in the household. It may also contribute to a dangerous condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS), when the sleeper actually stops breathing (apnea) in their sleep for brief periods of time, causing the sleeper to awaken or to change position to breathe again, often turning on their side.

To cure a snoring condition, your doctor will suggest weight loss as a first step. He or she will determine if there are any underlying health conditions that may contribute to the snoring problem or that will prevent reaching a reasonable weight loss goal.

Next, suggestions in healthy eating habits and exercise will help in dropping that weight. In addition, you doctor can monitor your progress, giving you the motivation to continue in your dieting efforts to cure your snoring problem. One great side effect of this is that you be a healthier person overall.

With your dieting efforts, exercise is necessary to keep your muscles and bones healthy while the weight drops off. Since muscle tissue is denser than fat, it may appear that you have not lost any weight, but keep in mind that exercise builds muscle while you lose fat.

In addition to building other muscles in your body, there are exercises that also build the muscles the throat and face that help to curb snoring as you lose weight. Building these muscles helps to keep your airways open as you sleep, preventing the vibration of tissues in the throat that affects the snorer’s sleep as well as that of other occupants in the home.

The exercises can be done at any point in your day, even while working in the office or taking a break from strenuous exercises for the rest of the body. Even a walk between offices or the commute to and from the job allows the time needed. These exercises, as well as your weight losscontribute to a peaceful night’s sleep without all of the noise and disruption of snoring.

Tips in Changing Your Habits

It is important to adhere to healthy dieting and exercise habits in order to avoid degrading your overall health in your efforts to lose weight. Changes in diet choices and habits is best done gradually, so as not to discourage the dieter.

For example, choosing fruits and vegetables over a bag of potato chips is a good start, curing an urge for snacking. In addition, you should not overlook any one of the food groups in your diet, but instead make wiser choices that are less in fat while still contributing to your nutritional needs.

Along with being an aid in losing weight, the proper foods will provide the energy you need throughout your day as well as contribute to a feeling of well-being.

Habits in exercise should also be gradual in order to prevent pain or injury. Start slowly with stretches and walking to burn off calories and excess energy that may keep you awake at night. When your body is ready, add a brisk jog or light weight training.

Only thirty minutes three times per week are enough to increase overall health. If you make it a daily routine to exercise, the benefits are even greater. After all, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Encouragement from friends and family will help to keep you on the right track, and finding an exercise partner will both of you motivated to continue the exercise routine that give some wonderful results.

Reaching your weight loss goal is not instantaneous, nor is it always easy. However, your motivation in improving your overall health and curing your snoring problem will help to keep you going. In addition, the support of those around you will also help. Finding someone else with the same goal will provide yet another link the group of support and motivation that is sometimes necessary in reaching your goals.

Just as people with drug addictions turn to others for support, a dieter needs the same support to maintain their new and healthy habits in order to cure their snoring problem and become a healthier person.

Updated: June 23, 2013 — 10:39 am

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