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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Healthy Eating for Long Term Weight Loss

Healthy Eating: This Nutrition Strategy For Maintaining Your Ideal Weight is one of the most important sections in this site!



The reason for this is very simple and should be quite obvious!

Food is what gets us into real trouble, when it comes to accumulating unwanted body fat.

And food will be one of the elements that you will learn how to use to create the body of your dreams! 
Actually, it is not the food itself that gets us into trouble, but the fact that we consume more food than our bodies can burn, and also use the wrong macro-nutrient ratios, meal frequency, and meal timing for our body types!

In this weight loss secrets article you will find all the information about body types and will discover why knowing the physical characteristics that you were born with can make a huge difference in the way you approach weight loss from now on.

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures! At least it has always been for me! I love to eat delicious high calorie food, and do not like to exercise.

In my early twenties, these two elements of my personality, and the fact that I have an endomorph dominant body type, caused me to become extremely overweight.

My burning desire to have a lean, healthy body helped me to create an effective, long term weight loss strategy — that was used by me to reach and then maintain my ideal body weight for over 15 years.

Completely accepting the fact that I love certain high calorie foods and do not like exercising, helped me to design a nutrition and exercise strategy where I can eat these foods in moderation and use simple exercises on a regular basis!


Like the majority of the people that wanted to lose unwanted body fat in those days, I started using low calorie diets, fad diets and many other conventional nutrition strategies in an attempt to lose weight!

In the short term I created some results, at least that is what my weight scale confirmed, but eventually everything that I tried backfired, and in the end I simply gained all the weight back.

Through many trials and errors I came to the conclusion that forcing myself to stick to these diets was not working. The first month I could more or less stick to a low calorie or fad diet, but during the second month the uncontrollable food cravings forced me to throw in the towel every time.

I tried many different approaches, including low calorie diets, low carb diets, low fat diets, and many other techniques that promised long term results, but in real life they simply did not work!


Forcing yourself to do something that you don’t really want to do, only works in the short term! This took me a while to understand, but it is the major reason why low calorie and fad diets do not work!

There always comes a time when you have to use your willpower in order to stick to your diet. By using this willpower strategy you create a strong inner conflict.

On one side of this conflict you have a desire to lose weight and on the other side you have a strong desire to eat the food that your like, and eat it in the amounts that bring you satisfaction!

In this situation, your desire to eat will eventually win every time, and you will quit your diet, and go back to eating the food you want and eating it in the amounts that satisfy the cravings that you have for it!


When you quit your diet, your weight starts to increase, and eventually you start to weigh more than you can comfortably live with.

This discomfort will create a strong desire to lose this unwanted body fat, and once more you will decide to start a diet to get your weight back under control.

This will start the whole cycle over again, which in the end will lead you back to the same situation where you will have to try to overpower the uncontrollable cravings for food, that every dieter eventually experiences!

In the beginning of your diet you might even feel that it is actually easy to eat less food, and easy to eat the healthy foods that you do not really enjoy that much.

But once again, this will only be temporary, and the desire to eat more food, and the desire to eat those unhealthy foods that you like so much, will create uncontrollable cravings that will cause you to give up, and quit this diet also.

Many people live this way for many years, trying one diet after another, producing short term weight loss results, quitting their diet, gaining all the weight back, and then starting another diet!

This is a vicious cycle that will always lead to a reversal of your weight losssuccess, and will always lead to gaining all of your weight back. In fact many people become extremely overweight using this ineffective strategy!


If you want to create a lean, healthy body, and reach your ideal weight, you must completely avoid low calorie and fad diets.

Your first step must always be to choose the end-result that you want to create by the end of your weight loss program.

You must also know exactly where you are now in relation to this goal, and finally you must create a list of steps that will help you to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future!

Healthy eating and using effective nutrition techniques is only a process. A process by itself, can never build the momentum, or create the non-stop motivation that is necessary to create the body of your dreams.

So while you are reading about the nutrition strategy for reaching and then maintaining your ideal body weight — keep in mind that motivation is the key to creating permanent fat loss. 


Once you know what results you want to create in your program, know where you are currently and have a way of tracking your results using thisweight loss chart then you can start to work on the healthy eating plansthat you will use to reach your ideal weight.

These healthy eating plans must include your daily calorie intake, the optimum nutrient ratios, and the proper meal frequency and meal timing approaches for your body type.

There are many healthy eating tips in the Nutrition section. They include calorie counting, fat burning food, carbohydrates, low carb dieting, protein, dietary fat, drinking water and meal planning.

Designing your own daily eating healthy plan that takes into account your own unique body type, the foods that you like to eat, the time that you have during the day to eat your meals, and all the other elements of healthy eating will help you to produce long term weight loss results.


In my article called why is nutrition important? — you will the answers to this question. And in my article about water and weight loss you will find out why drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, is one of the best ways to help your organism to burn more unwanted body fat.


And even though I will not cover vitamins and minerals in this section, they also play a major role in creating a lean body that is filled with health and vitality.

Vitamins and minerals have a separate section in this site where I explain why they are important for long term health and weight loss.

In the healthy diet plan article I explain everything about how to choose the right macro-nutrient ratios for your body type. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important elements of creating permanent fat loss.

In this healthy eating guide article you will find additional information about what it takes to create a lean, healthy body using proper nutrition.

In the benefits of eating healthy article I explain how by taking small steps on a daily basis you will reach your ideal weight and then maintain it for life!


In the fitness nutrition article I cover meal frequency, meal timing and explain how by using this effective nutrition strategy you will increase your metabolism, and burn more calories during the day!

When you start to use this effective nutrition approach on a daily basis, creating the body of your dreams will become a complete reality!


As with everything else in this website, I have tested these strategies on myself for many years. Many of my customers have used them to produce long term results!

Everything written on these pages is based on real life results and actually works when you start to use it.

Once you read this healthy eating and nutrition section and put these strategies to use, you will see amazing results in how you feel and your energy levels will skyrocket.

This is very important because exercise, which is another very important part of an effective weight loss program, can only be sustained when you have the energy to do it on a regular basis.

In the following sections on counting calories, fat burning foods, carbohydrates, low carb diet, protein, dietary fat, and meal planning you will find information that will assist you in designing your own healthy eating approach.

But everything starts with calorie counting — and in my calorie counterarticle I explain in full detail why calories are the most important element of weight loss. Counting calories is a must for anyone that truly desires to create irreversible, long- term weight loss results!

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