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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Healthy Diet Plans for Weight Loss: Five Proven Diet Plans

Losing weight can be one of the hardest things to do in your life. When you are dieting it seems like everywhere you look their is another temptation or another fad diet promising to turn you super model thin in a matter of days. Don’ be fooled by false promises, the best way to lose weight is to undertake a healthy diet plan that encourages a slow and permanent change in eating and lifestyle. Everyone is different, and the key to weight loss is finding the right healthy diet plan for you. These following five healthy diet plans are great choices when trying to achieve weight loss.

Healthy Diet Plan #1: Low Calorie Diet

A low calorie diet is one of the oldest and most popular diets for a simple reason, it works. Unlike many fad diets, a low calorie diet plan is healthy and easy to follow. In fact, most other diet plans are simply variations on a low calorie diet. The key to sticking to a low calorie diet is eating a variety of healthy foods, especially vegetables and lean proteins. A common mistake many people make on a low calorie diet is to skip meals and have a single calorie laden meal. This method often leads to over indulgence, sluggishness, and the inability to stay on the diet.

Healthy Diet Plan #2: Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for a very long time, because of it’s proven track record for success. This healthy diet plan is perfect for people who crave tons of guidance and support in their weight loss journey. The encouragement you receive from other dieters at their meetings can be a great factor in your success. If you are too shy or will feel embarrassed discussing your weight loss with other’s you may want to consider a different healthy weight loss plan. Though you will be surprised how many people feel the exact same way as you do, if you muster up the courage to attend a meeting.

Weight Watchers works by allowing you a certain amount of points to eat each day, with different foods being assigned different point values. They have a variety of books that list different restaurants item’s points, as well as a tool that lets you determine a food’s point value by reading it’s nutritional label. Because the meetings can be costly to attend, this isn’t the cheapest healthy diet plan for weight loss, but since you eat your own foods it is cheaper than other healthy weight loss plans. This is a great healthy diet plan for people who crave variety and flexibility in their weight loss regimen.

Healthy Diet Plan #3: The Sonoma Diet

If you love to cook and eat gourmet food the Sonoma Diet could be the healthy diet plan for you. Based on the popular best selling book, the Sonoma Diet emphasizes portion control and healthy nutrient rich foods. This healthy diet plan separates the stages of weight loss into two stages it calls “waves” with different calorie limits being allowed for each wave. While the Sonoma Diet says it is not a low carb diet, it restricts many of the same foods low card diets restrict. While this healthy diet plan does not cost much, besides the cost of the book, certain foods it recommends are more expensive than typical American staples. The added flavor and health benefits are definitely worth the extra cost.

Healthy Diet Plan #4: The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has been around for quite a few years now and has been one of the longest lasting remnants of the low carb diet frenzy. The South Beach Diet survived because it is a healthy diet plan rich in a variety of delicious foods that make weight loss seem like less of a chore. The South Beach Diet is also broken down into stages, their stages are called “phases” with the first two being weight loss phases and the third phase being the rest of your life. This healthy diet plan emphasizes lean proteins and complex carbohydrates, as well as heart healthy vegetables and nuts. One of the great things about this healthy diet plan is that they have a large variety of prepared meals, cereals, and snacks available at your regular grocery store. This makes this diet great for people who do not like to cook or do not have the time. Once again the cost of this healthy diet plan are minimal, you have to buy the book, and the foods may actually cost you less than your normal over processed foods cost you.

Health Diet Plan #5: Nutri System

You can not turn on your television without seeing an ad for Nutri System. Many celebrities and regular people alike have hopped onto this healthy diet plan for weight loss. Their are many pros to this diet plan, the major advantage being the convenience factor. All of your Nutri System meals come shipped to your home directly in portion controlled packages. This healthy diet plan basically eliminates the need to cook or measure your food and calorie intake. You do however have to supplement the prepackaged food with your own fresh fruits and vegetables.

The food is usually tasty, but the appeal of eating prepackaged foods can make gourmet food lovers cringe after a few weeks. If you are extremely busy and don’t like to cook this healthy diet plan would most likely be perfect for you. If you love to cook and crave a variety of foods you may grow tired of this healthy diet plan. The cost is rather expensive as well, usually around $300.00 per month. This isn’t so much if you consider the fact that you will not have to do any grocery shopping besides hitting the produce section, that is if you live by yourself. If you still have to cook for your family, you may want to consider a different healthy diet plan, because the convenience factor will be worthless.

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