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Health Care Question?

I don't really follow the news because there's a lot of negativity on society. But anyways, why does the government want to pass the health care so that everyone has it. And does the gov' make money of health care companies. That's just a guess I have, since they are trying to pass the law


The Health Care Reform Act was passed in 2010. The Supreme Court has just upheld the validity of the bill. The Government will not make money on the Health Care Companies nor will it receive any money from the Health Care Companies. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Government cannot mandate all citizens to purchase Health Insurance but can tax those who refuse to purchase it.

FYI, I worked in the Health Care Industry for over 40 years, part of that time (12 years) was spent researching Health Care plans for my Company's employees. Premium costs rose every year and that was 20 years ago. The balance of those 40 years was spent working directly in a Hospital. Hospitals must provided care for all patients, be they rich or poor, with or without Health insurance and be it for a simple cold or a heart attack. As many uninsured wealthy people as poor, walked on those bill. The cost of rising health care for the uninsured has been passed on to the insured and self payers for many years through higher premiums, higher deductibles, higher co-pays etc.

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