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Free Diet Meal Plans, How To Create Fat Burning Meals

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In this free diet meal plans section I will cover the exact steps that you must take to produce permanent fat loss! Knowing how to create fat burning meals is only a small part of the long term weight loss puzzle!

There are a million sites that have free diet meal plans and recipes, but unfortunately they do not help the majority of people that want to lose unwanted body fat permanently!

In order to create the perfect meal that will help your body to burn more calories and create a calorie deficit you must first understand the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition.

You must also know exactly what you want to accomplish by following a certain diet meal plan. In other words, you must first decide exactly what result you want to create, and in addition to this you must also objectively observe where you are currently in relation to this goal.

Without knowing where you are going, and knowing where you are now, you will have a very difficult time during your weight loss journey.

The reason for this is very simple, without having a properly structured goal, you will not be able to create a single-minded focus, the non-stop motivation and the drive that is necessary to create permanent fat loss! 


To create an effective, long term weight loss program you have to first spend some time on designing your own goal setting, nutrition and exercise strategy.

There is a meal planning link below that will take you to my free diet meal planning section, where I provide all the detail on how you can create the ultimate fat-burning meals.

But in order to create long term results, I recommend first reading and then taking the simple, but very effective steps that are listed below. They will help you to custom tailor your own approach that will help you to reach your ideal body weight in the fastest time that is possible.

These steps combined with my free diet meal planning technique are what will eventually help you to bring into reality the body of your dreams! 


1) First read the motivation and the goal setting sections, where you will find out how to discover your true desire and exactly how to properly structure your goal to create the non-stop motivation that is necessary to get through the toughest times that everyone experiences when losing weight.

This will allow you to create a strong foundation on which you can build your long term weight loss success! By taking this one step, you will increase the chances of success tenfold!

2) Then read the sections about body types, metabolism, fat loss tips, what is body fat, ideal weight and tracking progress. Those pages have a lot of important information that will help you make some very important distinction about the reality of fat loss.

3) Reading the nutrition section and all the sub-sections that include fat burning food, counting calories, nutrient ratios, meal frequency, carbohydrates, protein, dietary fat, low carb dieting, advanced nutrition strategies, and drinking water.

This will make you an expert on proper nutrition and by understanding the information in those sections you will be able to choose the food that will help you to achieve permanent fat loss in the fastest time possible.

The meal planning section covers the exact steps that you must take to create your perfect weight loss meals, and makes this whole process simple and easy to understand.

Once you have finished reading the information on those pages you will know exactly how to structure your meals using the best weight loss foods.

My free diet meal planning section explains in full detail how to use fat-burning food combinations to help your body create a calorie deficit without using a low calorie approach.

Knowing how to create these fat burning meals is an important part of any long term weight loss program. By consuming high quality natural food that has not been processed and refined will make a huge difference in the results that you will produce.

4) Your next step should be to read the Exercise section, and all the sub-sections that include burning body fat, cardio training, weight training and abdominal workouts.

This is a very important part of an effective long term weight loss strategy, mostly because without using cardio and weight training on a regular basis, permanent fat loss is almost impossible for people with endomorph dominant body types.

5) And you last step is to look over the Supplements section which explains why the only supplements that you really might need are a multi vitamin/mineral and some essential fatty acid supplements like Omega-3 and Omega-6.


The ultimate way to create permanent fat loss is to first discover the burning desire to reach your ideal weight, and then design an effective nutrition and exercise strategy to bring this result into reality!

Once you have this accomplished, creating a lean, healthy body is simply a matter of moving toward your goal by taking small steps on a daily basis.

If you have properly structured your goal using the instructions in the goal setting section, the body of your dreams is what is waiting for you at the end of your weight loss journey!


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