Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Foods That Burn Calories

Foods that burn calories! This is something that is desired by many people that want to lose weight permanently.

And while there is no food that actually burn calories, there are foods that you can consume that have a high thermic effect.

This means that your body has to work harder to digest and utilize these foods, and it has to burn a large part of the calories during this process.


The food that has the highest thermic effect is lean protein. Since it has the least amount of saturated dietary fat it is the best choice for a weight loss program.

Lean protein has a thermic effect of thirty percent, which means that 30% of the calories that come from this food get burned up during the digestion and utilization of this nutrient.

The food with the second highest thermic effect is natural complex starchy carbohydrates with 15% of the calories that come from this nutrient getting burned up during the digestion and utilization of this nutrient.

These foods that burn calories, or that actually make your body burn more calories can make a huge difference in your weight loss program.

If you create your meals with these foods, you can eat the amount of calories that your body requires to function properly and at the same time to create a calorie deficit.

In the long run this will force your body to tap into your body fat deposits and to use the fat from your fat cells as energy.

This will lead to your losing unwanted body fat and can help you to create a lean, healthy body.

This approach when combined with cardio and weight training will producefat loss results that can be quite shocking for most people.

Updated: February 20, 2013 — 2:24 am

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