Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Foods Increase Metabolism

Protein foods increase metabolism tremendously. The high thermic effect of protein is the reason behind this increase.

In fact, up to 30% of the calories that come from protein get burned up by your body during the digestion, processing and utilization of this nutrient.

A low carbohydrate intake is not the major reason why low carb diets are so effective at producing amazing short term weight loss results.


It is the increase in the protein consumption that produces the amazingweight loss results during a low carb diet.

Lean protein like chicken fillet, turkey fillet, lean red meat, shellfish and fish are the best foods to consume.

They contain the least amounts of saturated fats, and by consuming these foods in moderate amounts (30% of your daily calories) you can produce some really impressive long term results.

Dairy products also contain protein, but since they contain a lot of simple carbs, they should be eaten in small amounts while you are in the weight loss phase of your program.

Drinking plenty of water is very important when you consume protein, because your body uses more water during the digestion process than any other nutrient.

Plus people that have health problems with their heart, liver or kidneys should stay away from consuming large amounts of protein.

Always consult with your physician when making changes to your diet, and especially when you choose to increase your protein consumption.

Even though protein foods increase metabolism, your health should always come first.

Make sure you do not use a low carb approach if you have any of the health problems written above.

Many conventional low carb diets do not make this distinction, and this can lead to people using their approach to experience some negative health consequences.

The health community does not support using low carb approaches in the long term, and pregnant women are warned not to use it at all.

If you have a healthy heart, liver, kidneys and are not pregnant (if you are a woman) then the best approach to low carb dieting is found in the low carb diet section of this site.


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