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How To Create a Flat Stomach, By Completely Burning Off Your Unwanted Body Fat

Creating a flat stomach is one of the strongest desires that people have when it comes to losing weight!

In this article I will explain “exactly” what it will take for you to turn this desire into reality.

But before you get started on my article why not read a review of sole treadmills to help you find the best cardio training equipment available.

The first thing you must realize is that the way that your stomach looks at the current moment is only your “starting point” and that no matter how much body fat you have to lose if you follow the suggestions in this article — your stomach will become flat in the nearest future!

If you are ready to “burn off” all the unwanted body fat that you currently have — and maybe even create 6-pack abs — the information on this page will explain — how you can make this happen!

If you were born with an endomorph-dominant body type, have a slow metabolism, and experience difficulties in losing unwanted body fat — here are the three major steps that you will have to take to create a flat stomach and then maintain it for life!

Steps Toward A Flat Stomach: An Overview

The first step that you will have to take is to master the basics and fundamentals of healthy eating and proper nutrition!

The reason for this is simple: If you do not learn how to eat the right food for your body type, and eat it in the amounts that your body can “realistically” burn during the day, it will be almost impossible to create a lean, healthy body with a flat stomach.

The second step that you will have to take is to use cardio training on a regular basis. And the best way to approach this is to find an exercise that you can do on a regular basis, at a “low to moderate” level of intensity.

This should be an exercise that you can keep doing for the rest of your life. For example — walking is one of the best exercises that can be used. It can be done outside or on a treadmill in the gym.

The third and final step toward creating a flat stomach and for some people even 6 pack abs is to use weight training at least three times per week to maintain your current muscle.

This is very important because muscle is metabolically active tissue and your body must expand energy to maintain it. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn, and the more unwanted body fat you lose.

These three steps are focused on creating a lean, healthy body with an overall low body fat percentage. If you have a slow metabolism — this is the only way that it is possible.

Since the human body “does not” easily release the unwanted body fat that is stored inside the fat cells — you have to “gently” force it to “burn it off” using proper nutrition and exercise.

This is the path that leads toward the creation of a lean, healthy body and to a stomach that is completely flat! 
Creating a Flat Stomach: Proper Nutrition

What is proper nutrition? First of all, it is knowing exactly how many caloriesyour body can burn during the day. In this calorie counter article you will discover exactly how to calculate your optimum daily calorie intake. This is one of the most important steps that you can take — because consuming too many calories is the major reason unwanted body fat is inside of your fat cells at the current moment.

The weight loss tracker article explains exactly how to calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) using your current lean body mass. This will give you the most accurate number that you can use for creating your dailyweight loss meals.

The next step is to create a healthy diet plan using the optimum nutrient ratios for your body type. By following that link you will discover that nutrient ratios are simply the percentage of your daily calories that come from carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fat.

Once you have chosen the optimum nutrient ratios, your next step will be to choose the most effective meal frequency and timing for your body type. The article on fitness nutrition explains how to choose the best possible approach.

After taking these steps it will be time for you to focus on using meal planning to create a healthy eating plan for yourself. In the article on how to make the best healthy meal plans using weight loss food — you will discover everything that you need to know in order to easily accomplish this!

And once your meals are created, you can start consuming them on a daily basis. The last part of proper nutrition is drinking plenty of water, which is covered in this water and weight loss article.

Bt the way — water is one of the most overlooked elements of helping your body to burn unwanted body fat, and helping yourself to move toward creating a flat stomach and 6 pack abs! 

Creating a Flat Stomach: Cardio Training

The next step toward creating a flat stomach is cardio training. If you have an endomorph dominant body type creating a lean, healthy body without using cardio training on a regular basis is almost impossible.

In this exercises to lose weight quickly article you will discover exactly why cardio is so important for burning off unwanted body fat and creating a flat stomach.

Cardio training burns the most total calories, and helps you to “gently” force your body to burn off the unwanted body fat from inside of your fat cells. If you want a stomach that looks “flat” this is exactly what you will have to do in order to accomplish this goal.

In this how to lose weight quickly article you will discover how the human body uses body fat as an energy source during the day. Make sure you take the time to read that article if you have not done that already.

Yes, this all “basically” means that — if you want to see a flat stomach in the mirror every day — you will have to make cardio training a part of your life.

The reason for this is simple: After reaching your ideal weight and creating a stomach that is flat — if you stop doing cardio, the fat will simply creep back on!

Endomorphs need to do “everything” that is possible to burn as many calories as possible during the day. Since they were born with a slow metabolism — their bodies do not need that many calories to sustain themselves.

This is why it is so easy for them to gain weight and so hard to lose unwanted body fat permanently. In this

lose weight fast article you will discover a lot of different strategies on how to burn off unwanted body fat. I created it so that you will have many options for accomplishing this result. When you have the time make sure that you read it! 

Creating a Flat Stomach: Weight Training

The last step toward creating a flat stomach and 6 pack abs is weight training. This obviously includes some ab workouts but in reality a flat stomach and six-pack abs are mostly created by “burning-off” the unwanted body fat that you currently have — and not through the actual exercises for the abdominals.

This is the major reason why doing a lot of exercises for your abdominal muscles is a waste of time. You should train them just like any other major muscle group, with three sets per session.

In this free exercises to flatten stomach article you will discover why this is the best approach! But what is really important about using weight loss workouts (weight training) is that it helps you to maintain your current lean body mass (muscle) while you are losing weight.

Plus, when you finally reach your ideal weight, — building up more muscle is also something that will help you lose unwanted body fat even faster!

Since your body must expand energy (calories) to maintain your muscle mass, the more muscle you build, the more calories you will burn during the day. And, you will burn more calories not only while you are moving, but also during rest.

This is one of the major secrets behind weight training and using it to create a flat stomach with six-pack abs!

In the end, I want to make sure that you understand that conventional diets, fad diets, diet pills, and appetite suppressants will not help you to create a stomach that is flat.

The reason? Because these in-effective weight loss approaches and products do not help you to burn off fat from inside of your fat cells — and because of this — they do not help you to shrink them in size!

This can only be accomplished through the combination of proper nutrition and exercise — that is used on a regular basis.

It does take some “non-stop” motivation fuel in order to keep doing this — but this is exactly why I created my “break-through” weight loss system that is guaranteed to teach you how to accomplish this.


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