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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Five Reasons Women Should Lift Weights

When women decide to start to lose weight, their goal is always to see a smaller number register on the weighing scale. They do a number of things to achieve this goal including going on a diet, exercising, or taking diet pills. Only a few might consider lifting weights.

This is probably because many women associate lifting weights with unsightly muscle tone. Because most women want to achieve a slimmer figure that is still feminine, they do not like the idea of having a hard-toned, muscular body.

However, there are a number of reasons why lifting weights may be very beneficial to women who want to lose weight. Lifting weights could be one of the things that will help them reach their goal of slimming down.

Here are five of the top reasons for women to lift weights:

1) Body fats are lost in the process of lifting weights. Doing strength training at least two or three times every week for just about two months will for the average woman to gain almost a kilo of muscle. This will result in her losing over two kilos of fat. This is because as your lean muscles are amplified, your metabolism while just at rest heightens as well. This will let you burn calories even while you are sitting at work or just simply watching a TV show.

2) Strength training using weights will make you stronger physically. The benefits of being strong are needed for women who have a busy and full life, especially working moms. This will help in doing the chores in the house like carrying the bags of groceries in from your car, managing the increasing weight of your toddler, or opening the lid of that jar that always seems to be inhumanly tight and impossible to open. This will result in being more independent and less dependent on others to do a number of things for you.

3) The risk for osteoporosis will be decreased by lifting weights. Studies have shown that lifting weights can help increase a woman

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