Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Finding Motivation to Stay Committed to Dieting

We live in a time where there is so much focus and attention placed upon a person’s exterior appearance that we have become obsessed with being fit, being thin. There is definitely more awareness and education available on dieting, eating properly, and exercising our way to a new and healthy lifestyle. But if you have ever started a resolution to work towards a new and healthy you, which included diet changes, you know the key to success is staying motivated.

With all the many diet fads out there, from Atkins to the Bloody Type, you will need to find motivation to keep with it, and the dedication to stick to it. Before you even begin a diet, it is important to realize that your desire to lose weight must hinge on you. In other words, you cannot be doing it because your spouse or significant other said to you, “Hey sweetie, you’re looking a little bit chunky these days.” You have to ultimately come to this decision because you want to lose weight, and because you see the benefits of being healthy and fit. Do not let your motivator be the pleasing of a loved one, because our loved ones are supposed to love us unconditionally.

Once you have decided that your life needs some dietary changes in order to put you on the road to healthy living, it is time to choose a diet or dietary plan which is most suitable to your lifestyle. You do not want to choose a diet that will have you going crazy just to fit it into your daily routine. It might be good to start with a simple diet, one with simple changes, one that does not stress out the pocket-book and one that will be easy to implement. If you start with a simple goal, at first, you can see how motivated you are and how well you can stick with it; and then, you can tweak and adjust your diet accordingly.

Again, your diet choice does not have to be some mainstream diet fad that comes with a costly book, costly menus, and fancy exercise apparatuses. You can make your own diet that simply includes a few dietary changes like:

Eliminate dietary intake of carbonated beverages like soda.

Limit your alcohol consumption, maybe just a glass of wine with dinner on the weekends.

Choose fruits and or fresh veggies for snacking instead of chips, candy, and chocolate.

Switch from mayo to mustard as your choice of condiments.

Use a smaller plate at mealtimes, because if you portion smaller you will retrain your stomach to eat the proper and adequate amount instead of overeating.

Sit while you eat, and chew your food slowly.

Add some physical activity to your schedule at least 3 times a week.

If you implement all the above dietary and healthy living habits, you will see results and you did not have to spend a great deal of money to do so, and the changes are not overwhelming and dramatic that you will not be able to keep up with them.

Staying motivated on a diet really does come down to your personal desire to make healthy lifestyle choices—how bad do you want it? However, there are some helpful tips that you can incorporate while dieting in order to stay motivated:

The buddy system is a helpful motivational tool when a person decides to diet. Start your diet and path to healthy living with a friend or two or 3. You can use it as a support system, because there are going to be good days and bad days until you start seeing results and start feeling the results. Your buddy system can help with meal and menu planning, be a form of mutual support during the highs and the lows, and a partnership for the exercise regimen you take part in, because you know there is no successful diet that does not include exercising.

Set your dieting goals small enough to be achievable. If you set your weight loss goals to high, you may not meet or even come close to meeting your weekly goal, and this can cause frustration, which will eventually lead to quitting the diet. Also, you have to remember that just because someone else on your chosen diet lost great amounts of weight quickly it does not mean you will have the same results. Our body types and metabolisms are different, and so, if it worked one way for someone, it may work differently for you.

You have to stay positive. If a healthy lifestyle is what you want, and you made the choice to diet for you, then stay focused on the positives this choice will have for you in the long-run. Losing weight, eating healthy, and exercising and staying fit are all ways we can improve our health and even lessen risk factors for many diseases and medical conditions. Keep that in your mind and understand that making the health changes through dieting properly will only help you live life to its fullest.

Ultimately, no one can force or make someone lose weight and stick with a diet. Success will come from within the person’s true desire and want to make the commitment to work toward a healthy lifestyle. We hear the word diet and it is natural to feel intimidate and overwhelmed, but your focus still has to remain on your desire to lose weight and to get healthy. The diet you engage in must fit your lifestyle, and it does not have to be major changes. You can start off slow and wade into the waters of healthy eating as opposed to fad dieting. Just make sure you are doing this for you, because if that is your most important motivation, everyone else in your life will eventually benefit.

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