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Engine 2 Diet Featured on the TODAY Show

The Engine 2 diet was highlighted on the TODAY show this morning. The Engine 2 diet is a completely plant based, vegetarian diet that was created by firefighter Rip Esselstyn. The Engine 2 diet was designed by Rip Esselstyn to help get his fellow firefighters in shape. The Engine 2 diet is a elimination diet. One the first week you eliminate processed foods and dairy, week two stop eating all meat including chicken and fish, week three you need to remove any added oil in your diet, The fourth week you keep up your diet with all of the prior eliminations made. Rip explained all the details on the TODAY show.

The Engine 2 book also includes a exercise program. The exercise program Rip calls simple. You can also see amazing testimonials posted on his website. A weight lose varying between 8 pounds to 33 pounds in 28 days is very impressive. Another great feature of the Engine 2 website is the ability to join the “Engine 2 Academy” for free. Joining the Engine 2 Academy offers you the chance to meet people also starting the diet, special videos from Rip Esselstyn and a place to keep a food journal. Ladies, this diet is not just for men. Women can do very well on the Engine 2 diet plan that Rip has designed. You can visit the official Engine 2 diet website here.


The Engine 2 Diet book goes on sale starting February 25th, 2009 at all major book stores.

Many people have questions about starting the Engine 2 diet and Rip Essekstyn has answered the most common on his website. Most people have the misconception that vegetarians cannot get enough protein from plant based foods alone. I have been a vegetarian for 17 years now and frequently have gotten that question. I was first introduced into the plant based, vegetarian lifestyle when my brother gave me the book “May all be fed, Diet for a new world” written by John Robbins. Even at a young age the facts about plant based diet benefits were astounding. I read the book and was hooked on a new way to live. The book, Diet for a new world” is not a diet plan like the Engine 2 book. This book is more of a lifestyle change book that also includes great recipes. John Robbins also has new book out “The food revolution

Starting a planet based, Vegan diet can be difficult for some. Many people have the idea that they need meat to survive happily. I have survived well without meat for 17 years. In fact I no longer look at meat as food. My husband is not a vegetarian although he loves all of the dishes I fix. For me, choosing a vegetarian lifestyle was easy. To this very day, I am thankful to John Robbins for writing such a great book and changing my life.

Engine 2 diet website
The diet -The Engine 2 website
Where to buy The Engine 2 diet book
Where to buy The Engine 2 diet book
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