Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Effective Goal Setting | First Step Toward Permanent Fat Loss

Effective Goal Setting….the first crucial steps that you have to take in yourweight loss journey will include deciding exactly what end result you want to create by the end of your weight loss program, objectively assessing your current circumstances, and creating a list of actions that you will take to get from where you are today to where you want to be in the near future.


This is the approach that many years ago helped me to discover the mosteffective weight loss process for “burning off” unwanted body fat while maintaining my muscle.

But, it is very important for you to understand that the process that was used to create the body of my dreams, might not be the process that you will use to achieve your own major health goal.

Since we are all unique, the strategies that we use to create our primary objectives in life have to be designed taking this UNIQUENESS into account.

The fact is that most people can’t create permanent fat loss because they don’t know how to custom tailor an effective weight loss approach that will work “especially well” for them and that will help them to reach their ideal weight. Simply following someone’s weight loss formulawill never work in the long run.

The effective goal setting approach that you will discover in this manual is based on some very simple, but at the same time very powerful, effective and reliable strategies that will help you to custom-tailor your own weight loss program, and simultaneously will help you to produce the Non-Stop Motivation to achieve those end-results that matter to you!

You see, to accomplish your major health goal, instead of simply trying tolose weight, it is to your advantage to approach this process from a completely different angle.

The most effective goal setting way to create permanent fat loss is by focusing on taking actions that will help you to CREATE the body of your dreams!

And by create, I mean to use an effective, reliable process to bring a specific end-result into existence!

Nutrition and exercise don’t build momentum


Effective Goal Setting….while the nutrition and exercise strategies in this manual are very important, they are not what build the energy, create the momentum or inspire you to keep going until you create the body of your dreams!

In fact, focusing too much on the weight loss PROCESS is one of the major reasons why so many people fail to produce long term weight loss results that they are after — in the first place.

Since the steps and actions are not what build the necessary momentum, eventually all dieters that are focused only on the process reach a point in their program where they have to force themselves to take action using their willpower.

Forcing yourself to take action day in and day out is very exhausting, and eventually makes you throw in the white towel.

When it comes to creating long term weight loss results, the desire to create an outcome that you really want deep inside is one of the major elements that will help you to create permanent fat loss.

This burning inner desire is what will motivate you to take all the steps that must be taken on a daily basis, and this burning desire is what will help to keep you moving in the direction of your major health goal.

Without discovering this desire, it is very difficult to create a single-minded focus that is necessary for you to go through the hardest parts of yourweight loss program, and eventually create irreversible, long termweight loss success!

The effective goal setting strategy in this chapter has been designed so that it can help you to discover the exact end result that you want to accomplish, and at the same time it can help you to build the energy, the drive and the non-stop motivation that will take you to the end of yourweight loss journey, without you ever quitting or giving up!

This section is not only about goal setting


Effective Goal Setting….simply creating goals successfully is not the aim of this chapter. Many people can create important goals, only later to lose the success they managed to create. You must learn how to keep the success, build upon this success, and have it lead to further success over time.

Creating the body of your dreams is an individual journey. You cannot follow someone else’s formula. There aren’t any set rules. You need to create your own weight loss process, one that will work for you!

And while there aren’t any clear-cut rules to follow, there are some important principles and tools that you can use. These include the goal setting strategy, the weekly weight loss chart, and the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition and exercise.

To design and execute your own weight loss plan, you will also have to develop the following skills: The skill of developing your vision, the skill of evaluating your current reality, the skill of developing the most effective goal setting weight loss strategies, the skill of using feedback to adjust your actions, and the skill of generating momentum.

Each of these skills is essential to reaching your major health goal. Together these skills will enable you to develop and master your own personal weight loss process, and eventually will help you to bring into reality the body of your dreams!

Effective Goal Setting….as in any learning process, mastery does not come at once; it comes over time and with experience. As you move toward creating permanent fat loss, you will develop your own approach to creating a lean, healthy body, which works especially well for you.

Always Start Slowly


The best way to begin your weight loss program is by first taking the easier steps that can help you to generate a quick start. After you get some direct experience you can move to the next level and start to use the more complex steps.

And eventually you will reach the advanced level, and will be able to create the kind of results that might have not even seemed really possible in the beginning of your journey.

Just remember that when you create your own effective goal setting chart, it does not have to be perfect before you begin taking action, so make sure you don’t become paralyzed by the concept of perfection.

When creating the body of your dreams, adequate is adequate. Imperfect plans will still create permanent fat loss as long as you stay focused on your major health goal and keep tracking your current circumstances on a daily basis.

Planning is important, but so is taking action. Often the time to act is before the plan is fully developed. This is because your first actions put you in touch with the real world.

Action and planning form a feedback system. You make the first draft of your goal setting chart, and then take some initial steps which, in turn, will give you new insights about how practical your plans are in real life.

Effective Goal Setting….are the assumptions built into the action plan true? If not, you will have to change your plans accordingly. Action, even if you are going in the wrong direction, can help you to create momentum. If you are in motion you can more easily change your direction than if you are standing still.

So, make the first draft of your effective goal setting chart, and then take action. Even if in the beginning of your program these actions will not lead you directly to your major health goal, they will generate energy and will build momentum in your weight loss program!

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