Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Eat Tasty Food And STILL Lose Weight!

Yoghurt and raspberries

Yoghurt and raspberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your mental attitude, combined with the right food and the right exercise, is the thing that will help you lose weight. It is also the thing that will make you feel better, and look—and actually be—younger, in every way but chronologically.

We can’t do much about the actual cal­endar, I’m afraid.

Outside of your mental attitude, food is the most important thing to think about, now.

Food makes you what you are. Food makes fat. The right kind of food also makes good skin, clear eyes, healthy hair, a robust constitution. Wouldn’t you think, when food is that important, that everyone would try to learn a lot about it.

For example, which is more fattening, a potato or an apple? I bet you think it’s a potato—unless you’ve al­ready gone into the subject.

Well, they’re about equal! Each has about a hundred calories. How does a doughnut rank? Well, that’s over twice as fattening as either one. Also what about tomato juice? Do you know that, except for slight vitamin differences, it’s just as good as orange juice—and in some ways even better— lower in calories, high in vitamins?

A lot of folks think fruit isn’t fattening and although fruit has a lot of goodness in it for you, it can still have a lot of calories, so you need to be careful. Still others believe that if they eat a green salad, simply covered with rich dressing, they are performing a wonderful diet deed—when they’re actu­ally eating a fattening dish.

Other people believe that yogurt isn’t fattening—and has wonderful health-giving properties. So they eat large amounts of it—and wonder why they don’t lose weight.

Yogurt is a very good food. It’s just as fatten­ing as whole milk—that is, a half pint of it (eight ounces) has a caloric value of 165 calories, the caloric value of an equal amount of whole milk, whereas skimmed milk, which has the same good properties, on the whole, has only 84 calories, and tomato juice only 50.

So if you fancy a yoghurt and you are trying to lose weight, always go for a low fat yoghurt, and look at the calories on the side of the tub, to see just how many there are in it.

But think of all of the good bacteria that yogurt contains. Haven’t you been hearing about that for years? Yogurt is fermented milk. It came into use because people had no refrigeration.

It was the only form of milk people could drink, without fear of contamin­ation or illness. The intestines of all healthy people con­tain great numbers of friendly bacteria, maybe a hun­dred million or so.

We don’t need the few that yogurt could give us, but actually doesn’t! According to the health authorities, the bacteria in yogurt are digested in the stomach, and very few reach the colon at all ! In yogurt you get lactic acid, a little alcohol and the good bacteria—which digest quickly.

By all means, eat yogurt! It is good for you. As good as milk. If you like it, it should form a part of your diet—but don’t expect wonders from it. Acidophilus milk, skimmed milk and yogurt are all excellent foods— complete foods. But it isn’t a miracle food!

The same with the other so-called wonder foods. They are all good. But they aren’t any more wonder­ful than a lot of other things that you can eat.

Wheat germ is excellent—and high in calories. Black strap mo­lasses contains some minerals—and is high in carbo­hydrates and calories.

The important thing to remember when you are on a diet is that you need to check the calories, especially if you have no idea of how many calories a certain food that you like has, so that you are sure that you are not consuming something that has a very high content.


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