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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Eat Red for a Healthy Heart

We’ve all heard the old adage; “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are low in calories, high in fiber and filled with heart healthy nutrition. Apples however are not the only red food with benefits. Cranberries and tomatoes are also good to eat, for a healthy heart.

A study from Ohio State University indicates that eating an apple each day can lower bad cholesterol as much as 40 percent. A study done on 34,000 menopausal women, over an 18 year period, at the Iowa Women’s Center found a connection between eating apples and a reduced risk of dying from heart disease. The power comes from the peels, so drinking apple juice will not give the same results.

Research, from scientists at Tufts University in Boston reveals that eating tomatoes and other lycopene rich foods, at least over an 11 year period, decreased the risk of coronary disease by 26 percent. Cooked tomatoes are best because the heating process helps the lycopene to be better absorbed.

A study from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania indicates that 3 cups of cranberry juice a day will raise good HDL cholesterol by 10 %. And also prevent arteries from clogging.Please pay attention to make sure, that you do not have any allergies.

When I substituted cranberry juice for orange juice, drinking 3-4 glasses a day for several days, I developed a sore throat, itchy eyes and fever. As soon I drank a glass of orange juice, the symptoms disappeared.

The next time you hear someone say to “go red’ for heart health, reach for cranberry juice, apples and tomatoes. These foods will do so much more for decreasing the risk of heart disease, than donning a red dress only.

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