Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Dual Action Cleanse – Easily Lose Weight

Who’s kidding whom? When you look at your New Years resolutions for 2009, are they fading fast or is your resolve picking up more and more each day with each successive win?

I hope the latter is more true than ever. What do you think the number one resolution is and has been for the last 7 years?

If you guessed lose weight or get in shape you are a winner. (collect your prize below).

Colon diet tips and principles may come as a surprise to many of you. But if you know of Oprah, Beyonce, Brintney Spears or Madonna, you now know of someone that cleanses for weight reduction, detox and health. These superstars do this because their livelihood depends on their looks. But what about you and the rest of us? Doesn’t your livelihood depend on your health and well being? Of course it does.

A colon diet is just what you need if you are overweight, obese, depressed, lethargic, fatigued, have acne prone skin, have high blood pressure and list could go on here. But I think you get the point. The message here is that if you’ve got a colon, you probably need to keep it clean.

This is a quandary for many but not for you. Because you are reading this I know that you want to improve your health. You can do that by simply modifying what you eat everyday.

The foods we consume are often nutrient deficient. They don’t have enough energy building blocks inside of them to make you press play on your treadmill in the morning let alone run a marathon at work, home and getting little Suzy to soccer lessons. These stressors add to us the burden of trying to keep up. Well, if you want to keep up you’ve got to take your health care in your own hands. Become an active participant instead of a spectator when dealing with these matters.

Take your grocery list for example. If you know that certain foods just don’t provide any value to you, then don’t buy them.

When you go to the grocery store this week make a decision to buy most of the foods that are on this list I am going to recommend to you.

Just remember your most important foods for avoiding this disease are going to be:

* Apples

* Apricots

* Beans (kidney and navy beans are great for the colon)

* Cabbage


* Citrus fruit

*Cranberries or cranberry juice (watch out for the high added sugars with juices)

*Flax seed

*Green tea

* Sweet potatoes

* Whole grains

* Yogurt

These items work wonders on colon diet health aspects. Your health at the end of the day is yours and yours alone. Please take these small steps to make the best of it and your life.

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