Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Do you think diet industry in party to blame for all the fat people?

I mean seriously. I'm so pissed about the same crap being asked in Diet and Fitness section. If I was the government I'd run the following ad 10 times a day on all channels. Actually it might pay off in the long run because of lower costs to health care. I'm in Toronto, so it's taxpayers pay for sick people here.

'According to laws of thermodynamics. And it's a law, it's a fact, it's like gravity, stop buying diet books and super ab crunchers. It's a fact of life:

To loose weight: you eat clean and work out; while spending more calories! To gain muscle: you eat clean and work out; while eating more calories! You can't loose weight and gain muscle at the same time, or loose weight on specific body parts it impossible anatomically. If your ars is too big – there's more calories getting into your mouth than you're spending.' – this announcement was paid for by the government of Canada 🙂

Like this is the most fundamental concept about personal well being. It's like brushing your teeth. Somehow we don't bother drilling this into our kids heads. When they're old enough they'll blame parents.

Wow you took the thoughts right out of my head. I think the diet industry is partially to blame, but honestly I think stupidity is to blame. People are like little lemmings and they believe everything they hear. First a study came out that butter was bad. Now they're saying butter is better than margarine. There's also studies about eggs being bad, now being good. People stop listening to the stupid studies about foods, stop falling into the diet trends, just eat natural, whole foods! And don't believe the food pyramid, it's bull! You should be mostly eating fruits and vegetables, not bread products!

I am so sick of hearing about “diets” and “get thin quick” schemes. When are people going to grow a brain?

Okay I'll step off my pedestal now.

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