Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Discovering Cucumber Health Benefits

love that ass welcome back to the Chevy kind of cooking shows amazing to be the kitchen anyway today we’re gonna give you a nice lovely cooling drink basically it’s going to be up in celebrating saturday and a lot more stuff also good for losing weight and benefits and also good for you out and there are a lot of benefits of cucumbers

this is a drink school a drink an amazing drinks and ladies I love it so first thing we’re going to need to do is to get off cucumber just like this and simple but very similar to straighten your smoothie blender like this piece of celery and a freshman too heavy especially straight like this next about glass of water then we’ll put some ginger port instead of it we have fresh ginger option and use fresh ginger so we jump ginger pinch of cinemon

and settlement is good for you you just black pepper some only for sweetness roughly today is teaspoon of honey and a pinch of salt otherwise lemon juice of lemon juice not so know what to do with a simple politeness follow treat four minutes and then we’re going to strength alright nice and lovely nice i love it so now we’re going straight just finished blend it was going to straight likeness yeah little kinda beautiful organized i don’t know you guys love this one this drink you can have it in the morning before breakfast

is that love it or not is finish come back call it drinks next you need a lot of ice love me then poured a nice another cool bug or drink and likeness little cutout trip back I want to sit amazing drink I don’t know you guys will like this one so first of all and generous be please subscribe the channel and leave your comments that’s for sure for color on the team and thank you so much for watching my you tube channel is amazing recipe you guys Cucumber cooling drink from

chef Ricardo today good for better but good for losing weight out this five morning straight before your break for our with your breakfast you will lose some good stone are some weight and Jack and thank you so much and see you next time this is from the team remember subscribe sheer and like see you next time yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

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